Nipomo businesswoman running for supervisor

October 10, 2013
Lynn Compton

Lynn Compton

Nipomo resident and co-owner of an agricultural supply business, Lynn Compton, will run for the recently filled District 4 San Luis Obispo County Supervisor seat.

Compton, who has operated Valley Farm Supply for the past 15 years, applied for the vacant District 4 seat following the June death of Supervisor Paul Teixeira. Last week, Governor Jerry Brown appointed former Arroyo Grande Councilwoman Caren Ray to fill the seat.

The district, which includes Nipomo, Oceano and parts of Arroyo Grande, historically votes conservatively. District 4 constituents elected current Republican Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian prior to electing the Republican Teixeira.

But, Brown appointed the liberal-leaning Ray, who has already cast a key vote to extend an ordinance restricting water usage in the North County.

“We all know the governor has handpicked my opponent in this race,” Compton said in a campaign kickoff speech Thursday. “It is imperative that our next county supervisor be chosen and supported by us, the community, and not appointed by Sacramento politicians who continue to adopt burdensome regulations and unreasonable policies that drive our local businesses and job opportunities elsewhere.”

Compton, who has both agri-business and law degrees, said she is running on a pro-small business platform.

Despite the recent appointment of Ray, a primary election for the District 4 seat will take place in June 2014. Ray’s term ends in January 2015.

Ray has not yet announced whether she plans to mount a campaign to keep the seat, but she is widely expected to do so. Compton is the first candidate to publicly announce her campaign for the supervisorial seat.



Well I would not call that new info as it has been general knowledge since before Ray got the seat. With Nipomo being such a fractured community, you can expect to see Mike Wynn and Jacqueline Fredricks adding their name soon. It will make for an interesting election and quite a fight for Ray to retain the position


I don’t think it needs to be that tough of a fight for Caren Ray. She just needs to keep doing her job well on the Board and people who truly care about having strong, independent and knowledgeable leadership for our community will be able to make their decision based on performance and experience and track record in office.

I wouldn’t be surprised of Lynn Compton drops out of the race weeks before the election.

the guy paso

On the surface, she looks extremely electable. Good for he south county


Lynn Compton for 4th District Supervisors is going to happen, get use to it SLOCounty and celebrate the beginning of pro-business and prosperity that this county lacks right now. With prosperity the scare tactics are not effective with job creation and small business needs understood and supported families can build and grow healthy again. The people of the 4th district are supporting Lynn. This support will become better known as we approach early 2014 and be evident in the June primary. We love you Lynn.

Truth Is

Lets ask Mrs. Compton how she paid her childcare provider, I believe she was listed as an employee of Valley Farm Supply. Tax fraud?

Lets ask Mrs. Compton how many times she sued her neighbor because she didn’t want their house next door…

Lets ask Mrs. Compton hom many times she sued the board of her HOA that her husband currently serves on…

Lets really look at how great she is. Lets see how her children went to public school in a different city than the one she lives it. She doesn’t support any schools in her home town of Nipomo.

Lets ask the lawschool of SLO why she left there to attend the one in SB? Lets see why she has had so many childcare providers? Maybe they can tell you how great she is.

She is another attorney that will waste tax dollars on litigation for personal gain.


Wow, a lot of empty innuendo there. Where is the back up.

Truth Is

I know the facts…all I ask if for you to ask those questions to her. If she tells you otherwise, then she is lying to you! You can say all the innuendo you want…but I know the truth! Don’t be lazy do your research! All the court records are public at the SLO courthouse. Don’t be naive! It is a small community and the answers are easy to get if you look for them.


Interesting innuendo there. Do you have any of the “facts” you imply to back it up? I am honestly willing to consider them but they must be verifiable.

Truth Is

I have asked you to ask these questions to this candidate. If you want facts research them at the courthouse they are public documents. Get to work and verify! All I said was to ask her, she either confirms what I say or she lies to you.


Truth Is-

Okay, as a small business owner myself, I would like to ask you, Truth Is – why would you believe Mrs. Compton has committed tax fraud? Tax fraud would be when you hire an employee and NOT PAY the required state and federal taxes. Seems kind of ironic that you are bashing Mrs. Compton for hiring an employee that she paid state and federal taxes for rather than hiring and paying an employee under the table for cash – you can’t have it both ways. An employee is an employee whether they are answering your office phone, delivering your products or caring for your children.


The majority of their business is providing the needs of organic farmers. Get your facts straight.


The “majority of their business”? Please explain and/or give details. But in any case, that matters little if Compton works in politics to dismantle regulations that prevent polluting of land and our water supply with poisons.

Mr. Holly

This ought to be a real cat fight. Both sides will have enormous amounts of money in order to have a representative for their agendas. Should be quite a show.


Interesting that Lynn Compton, who profits mightily from selling vast amounts of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and many other poisons that are spread throughout our county has kicked off her campaign with hopes of loosening government regulations aimed at protecting people who live on the Central Coast.

This is coming at the same time as more and more research shows that our local water supplies are being contaminated by the types of toxic products that Compton sells.


I would vote for Compton against Ray every day of the week, except I am in the wrong district. But I can still send a check.

Kevin Rice

You WILL send a check? And walk, phone bank, etc.

Mitch C

Let us hope that a qualified individual steps forward to challange Gibson. We need people in all levels of government that represent us, the people, and not some personal agenda.


What we really need is people running for office who aren’t doing it for the primary purpose of benefitting their personal business enterprises at the expense of the common good and health of the electorate.


If you are BREATHING (and not sleeping with a paid subordinate) you are qualified to challenge Supervisor Gibson. If he wins, it will be a sign that his district (wherein I hold property) is at least 51% airheads.


Or have a different opinion than yours


She sounds like a no-nonsense business woman. We need leaders like that. Can’t wait to learn more about her.


“No-nonsense”? You know that from an 8 paragraph article based on a public relations press release?


While I often do not agree with WiserGuy, this reply is a fair argument.

I know nothing about this person (Lynn Compton), and did not get much from the article (though, to be fair, I do not expect an in-depth profile – I do not believe that is a new outlet’s function).

Let Lynn pen an Op-Ed here, introducing herself, etc… then face the music of anonymous mud-slingers and praise-singers.


Exactly so. Well said, Roy.


Agreed, womanwhohasbeenthere. I heard Ms. Compton speak on the radio this morning and she sounded smart, informed, and direct. No political mumbo-jumbo talk (which seems so prevalent nowadays from both sides of the aisle.) Also I like that she has small business experience.


That’s the same white wash crapola they used to push Debbie Arnold out front to do the work of the men in the back room. Let’s not repeat THAT charade in the South County, thank you very much!


Where did you hear her. Love to hear a podcast of it


It was on AM1230 this morning; I don’t think they have podcasts, though.


Also I liked how she didn’t say “um…um….um….” all the time like poor Debbie Arnold does. :(

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