Paso Robles carjacking and Atascadero robbery suspects arrested

October 31, 2013

carAtascadero police arrested two Monterey County men Tuesday for a carjacking at knifepoint that occurred Sunday in Paso Robles.

One of the suspects is also accused of robbing an Atascadero liquor store.

Around 7:30 p.m. Monday, a man robbed Stagecoach Liquor at 5145 El Camino Real. The suspect jumped over the counter brandishing a knife, punched the clerk several times and fled with the entire cash drawer.

Just after midnight, an officer located a white four-door vehicle parked at Motel 6 in Atascadero. The vehicle was linked to the robbery suspect and was reported stolen during the carjacking Sunday in Paso Robles.

Investigators monitored the area of the Motel 6 until 9:45 a.m. Tuesday when an officer located the two suspects in the carjacking and robbery.

Officers arrested King City resident Martin Gabriel Olmos, 32, for carjacking, robbery and a probation violation. They arrested Greenfield resident Solis Arciniega, 26, for carjacking and carrying a concealed weapon.

Olmos is in San Luis Obispo County Jail on $50,000 bail, and Arciniega is booked on $70,000 bail.


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Seems like these two are lacking in social skills.

Maybe they need a few classes while they are in


Did anyone see the pics of these fine upstanding citizens in the Ragbune this morning?

Couple of thug looking gents. Unfortunately, probably will get less than five and be out in less than two years served. What P.O.S’s.

Now they’re gonna get what they wanted all along. A warm bed, three square meals a day, medical attention….winters comin’….

Another DUMB crook story

Let me get this straight…

They robbed an ATASCADERO liquor store and stayed at an ATASCADERO Motel 6.

They either must have not gotten much money or they were holding some back for their eventual bail.

Good work APD & PRPD!

Wait a minute, these guy’s did a car jacking then they attacked and assaulted a clerk and robbed the store at knife point. They were also violating probation and carrying a concealed weapon and the bail is only 50 & 70K. What the heck is going on with bail these day’s, it’s so uneven.

Their bail was set that low because they hope these guys will make bail, get a drivers license, apply to law school.