Pit bull bites three-year-old boy in the face

October 23, 2013

medA pit bull attacked a three-year-old boy in Southern San Luis Obispo County Sunday night, sending him to the emergency room with severe injuries. [KSBY]

Just before midnight, the three-year-old and his mother were visiting the home of family friend Cole Brichard. The boy approached the dog with his hand raised, causing Brichard’s five-year-old pit bull to attack.

“I was just sitting down, and the kid walked up with his hand raised to the dog, and the dog bit him in the face,” Brichard said. “As soon as the dog grabbed him on the face, I grabbed a hold of the dog.”

The boy suffered injuries to his face, nose and lip and was rushed to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital.

“It’s just horrifying all around. I feel bad for everybody,” Brichard said.

The pit bull is currently quarantined in San Luis Obispo County Animal Services.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Tony Cipolla said the pit bull owner and the mother could face criminal charges for child endangerment. The District Attorney’s Office will choose whether or not to prosecute.


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It’s Time to Kill this Breed off by not allowing Breeding of this Dog. I am sick of Little Kids and small Dogs being Maimed and ripped to shreds by these Killers. Bleeding Hearts can keep them their home’s until they die of old age (pit bulls) Australia does not allow This animal. Protect The Children.