Steer doused with lighter fuel, set on fire

October 29, 2013

ffaPaso Robles police are trying to figure out who doused a 5-month-old steer with lighter fluid before setting the cow on fire at the Paso Robles High School agriculture barn between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

The owner of the steer arrived Saturday morning to find the cow had been burned. The steer suffered significant burns, but is expected to survive. The student is a member of Future Farmers of America.

If arrested, the person or persons responsible for harming the steer could face charges of felony animal cruelty and torture which carries a penalty of two to 10 years in prison.

Officers discovered evidence at the scene, which is being analyzed as part of the investigation. Police are asking anyone with information about this crime is to call Crime Stoppers (805) 549-7867. A cash reward of up to $2,000 is available.


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Now this! is how bad Karma is created… Shame on the person or persons that did this. A price will be levied and payment will be extracted from these hooligans one way or another. Weather they are caught or not.


It’s time to install security cameras at the PRHS ag barn. This isn’t the first incident where some punk has messed around w/the animals. The area’s not that secure and after dark, it’s relatively easy to enter there undetected.

The FFA kids & families are hard-working and dedicated to their animals. I hope the $2,000 reward is an incentive for others to turn in the sicko who did this. He’s probably got a big mouth & is bragging about it so I hope he gets caught asap.

I agree pp5. I have no doubt that whoever did this has been talking. He probably never dreamed that the law of the people would put out a $2,000 reward and that is a lot of money to a kid. Someone will turn him(them) in. I just hope that the perp gets more than a slap on the wrist and a trip to the shrink. I don’t want to hear any “poor little Johnny stories”. The fact is that “poor little Johnny” is dangerous and cruel and you can’t fix that over night or even in a year or two.

This is infuriating and extremely sick. Whoever did this has no empathy for the flesh & blood beings that share our planet. This person(s) knows how torturous it would be to have someone throw an excellent on them and then light them on fire and yet, they did this to another living being with a central nervous system. Whoever did this is a very sick, cruel and dangerous person. They ARE a DANGER to society and will continue harming and torturing animals, pets and eventually people. Find them and lock them up and throw the book at them. Anyone with a cruel streak like that is dangerous, make no mistake about it.

That poor young calf, how awful, I feel so sorry for it.


You are so right!

This is not some harmless prank by troubled youth, but a seriously disturbed individual who needs to be caught. Maybe Lisa Solomon could help in the investigation and work off some of that $250K.

Shiftless and without purpose, our youth will find other avenues to explore. It is unfortunate, but what do we expect will happen with these sort of “what if” crimes when we have so many people (especially young ones) unemployed and spoiled.

Wow Roy, usually I am the one who is a bit more inclined to think that a bad act is not necessarily a sign of someone beyond hope. However, in this case, I have to agree with the other posters that this is a serious indication that the perp is a psychopath. I doubt that he (or, much less likely, she) did this primarily to relieve boredom or because of pampering. If those are factors at all, I strongly suspect they are secondary to a really warped mind.

I will be the first to hope I was wrong in my assumption! Still, being without purpose is a good way to warp a mind. The old adage of too much time on one’s hands comes to mind, though.

If more show up, or other animals (i.e. a pattern), then you may be right.

Hopefully they catch the individual soon. Not always but torturing of animals can be a signature of a person with tendencies of a possible serial killer later in life. This kind of stuff a lot of times concerns cops for that reason.

In case anyone doubts my above statement here is one link.

I found out about this kind of stuff about fifteen years ago and was shocked.

You are spot on BeenThereDoneThat. Several academic studies have found a clear

link between animal cruelty and violence against humans.