Former Santa Clara County Supervisor indicted

October 29, 2013

George ShirakawaA former Santa Clara County Supervisor was indicted Monday by a criminal grand jury on charges he impersonated a political rival during a campaign. [MercuryNews]

George Shirakawa, 51, is accused of sending out flyers that falsely portrayed San Jose City Council candidate Magdalena Carrasco as a communist. Carrasco’s primary rival was a political ally of Shirakawa.

The mailers were sent to an area with a high concentration of Vietnamese residents hostile to communism. District Attorney investigators examined DNA evidence on the illegal campaign flyers and matched it to Shirakawa.

Shirakawa is also accused of theft of public funds and deceit of campaign donors. The former politician attributes his crimes as the outcome of depression and a gambling addiction.


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He attributes his malfeasance to depression and addicition. What excuse(s) do you think Adam Hill will use?

LOL, I can’t stop thinking about the Ed Waage call that Hill made.

“Are you a communist, blah blah, this is Ed Waage.”

I’m guessing that’s a primary reason this piece is here for our enjoyment.

I thought of Adam aka Ed on that phone message, too.

Nasty business….this just makes it harder to trust anyone these days.

He must be a republican because many always tells us no democrats do anything like this and the dems are the only ones helping.

You will fail to win hearts and minds with that BS

Age-old conundrum there, bud.

Can’t seem to get the repubs to vote with their heart, nor the dems with their brain.

You fail to make sense when you assume Democrats don’t vote with their brains just because they put priorities on different issues than do you.

Say … Didnt one of own County Supervisors pull a stunt like this months ago? Only he claimed it was a joke right?

Yes, that would be our sitting doofus on the County BOS, Adam Hill.

DNA on the campaign flyers? Lets hope he had stamps you had to lick. lol

Ah, come on George, keep your chins up ….


Straight to the fat jokes!

Stay classy, bob.