Unloaded BB gun causes scare at Cuesta College

October 4, 2013

cueata collegeA prop for a school video project caused a scare on the Cuesta College campus Wednesday. [Tribune]

Several students reported that a female was walking through campus with a shotgun. Some faculty members were also alarmed.

The female student was actually carrying an unloaded BB gun for a video project featuring a bank robbery scene.

The group working on the project notified campus police prior to coming on campus with the BB gun, Cuesta Police Sgt. Rob Schram said. Officers stayed close to the group until they completed filming.

Schram said students should inform authorities prior to bringing potentially dangerous items on campus.

“Typically we would hope faculty would inform the students to seek some sort of verification before bringing items that could cause a risk,” Schram said. “It’s really a common sense thing, but for some people it just doesn’t rise to that level that they think it could be dangerous.”


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Quintana elementary, I think it’s called Bishops peak now? Fifth grade gun safety. At the

Time she, Mrs. F taught us respect for the tools and wildlife management. I personally was not a hunter. But going into the Infantry, I respected these tools, and was proficient and comfortable with them.

I for one would like to point how responsible the students who were doing the filming were: the article clearly states that not only did they notify the campus police, but officers stayed near the students doing the filming the entire time. If those police officers were in uniform and stayed “close” to the those doing the filming, why was there such an apparent over-reaction? As silly as it seems to most of us at the apparent shock of the passerby’s who didn’t realize that there was a film project being done, that did not see the campus officer nearby, and mistook a BB gun for a firearm; wouldn’t you rather that there was this reaction than to have none at all and have this be a totally different scenario where someone actually did bring a real, loaded firearm onto campus ?

If you visit Lassen Community College here in California where they offer courses in gunsmithing you’ll notice students carrying around cased rifles and shotguns between classes. Cuesta students need to stop being so whiny…

While attending JUNIOR high school our gun club met on Thursdays, and on range day we’d bring our rifles to school. Nobody gave it a second thought. Of course, that’s when boys weren’t drugged when they acted like boys and teachers taught instead of indoctrinating.

Cuesta is a sad place indeed to be afraid of something like this. One can only wonder how all of these sheeple would do faced with a real challenge ?

California has lead a charmed existence… of which I am grateful… but the future can never be guaranteed by men and women who are petrified at the sight of a BB gun.

Sex Ed

Discrimination Ed

Drivers Ed

Moralitty Ed

Bullying Prevention Ed

Hygiene Ed

Controlled Substance Ed

Its time for Gun Ed to be included

You know that just over 100 years ago kids routinely brought guns to school, real guns, every day. And now we wet ourselves when someone has a bb gun.

In the 70’s & early 80’s–at least in my school district–it was OK for boys to bring pocket knives to school; they just had to leave them in their pockets! Times have changed…

In my high school ROTC drilled with real M1 rifles. That would scare the panties off of the little boys and women in the media today. The media screams for gun free zones…I call gun free zones the new killing fields.

No kidding. I read an article this morning about a police officer who was asked by his child’s school not to pick her up in uniform because the weapon was making other parents uncomfortable. Truely mind-boggling how pathetic things are getting…

Phoenix policeman Scott Urkov wrote: “Nothing like your kid’s school calling and asking if I could not come to pick up my daughter in uniform cause parents were concerned when their kids came home telling them there was a man at school with a gun. Are you freaking kidding me?””

I bet it was a handful of whiny parents out of hundreds who called the principal to complain. Thankfully the district realized its stupidity and then invited the cop to speak to the kids about what “police do for the community.”


I squarely blame the media on this one. We’re such a p*ssified nation now. Not only is gun crime down by over HALF from twenty years ago, but school shootings are actually down (according to the FBI).

Still, we all react like the next Columbine is going to happen. Besides, who confuses a shotgun from a BB gun?

However, like good little troops, the story is spread around for sensationalism, as wimpy as it is.

I blame the media on this.

It really is sad… kids coming up these days are indoctrinated to be terrified of guns, and we continue to sensationalize to make sure they remain that way.

The DC event yesterday was incredibly sad, but of course all we see in the news is “shots fired!”. The woman didn’t even have a gun… the only shots fired were those by the police into a fleeing vehicle as the woman tried to leave.