KEYT and DirecTV at impasse

October 5, 2013

keyt1If a contract dispute between KEYT’s parent company and DirecTV cannot be reached by Wednesday, the news channel will no longer be available through DirecTV.

On Friday, the ABC Central Coast affiliate announced to viewers that contract negotiations are at an impasse.

If KEYT NewsChannel 3’s signal leaves DirecTV, subscribers can continue to receive the station for free over the air with an antenna, or from Comcast Cable, Charter Cable, COX Cable and Dish Network.

Last week, Time Warner Cable stopped airing KEYT in eastern Ventura County.


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Theoretically, that means that if Direct TV stops carrying local ABC 3, then the blackout reg will allow them to carry National ABC out of the East Coast. Yes?

As far as I am concerned, that is a bonus! It would be interesting to know the details of the dispute. To know which of the two is the most greediest.

I remember, back in the day, when we got both EAST and WEST coast ABC/NBC/CBS… was the only time I watched a lot of “late night” tv (Letterman, Leno) at 8pm. That was kind of cool.

Then, for a while, we had both the LA and the SF channels… duplicated, except for the “localized content” which was crappy anyway.

I’d love to see satellite/dvr tech used for customized subscription and/or distribution only. Like I will subscribe to Show XYZ for $2/episode (or buy a 20-episode season for $35) – whatever pricing model. Then, the show(s) I subscribe to can beam down to my satellite’s DVR for me to watch whenever. This would extend shows that don’t make the numbers for the extortion they charge for advertising. So that lame “cat show” that only the lonely love can be had if there’s enough subscribers, etc.

Ah well, we have to wait for the market to catch up with the ideas and technology. Sheesh, they’re just now advertising 4x TV, even though most things are filmed in 4x for years.

They have news? I didn’t even know they were a channel. I stopped watching “big three” (now four) years ago. Except for the Simpsons and Football, nothing on ABC/CBS/NBC/Fox appeal to me.