Carpinteria man fakes carjacking

November 5, 2013

arrestSanta Barbara County Sheriff’s arrested a Carpenteria man on Sunday afternoon for allegedly faking a carjacking and driving under the influence.

At about 2:30 p.m., Troy Ostboe, 50, called 911 to report his Porsche had been hijacked and that his wife was being held hostage. Deputies arrived to find Ostboe’s crashed Porsche in the roadway

Ostboe told officers his wife was being was being held at gunpoint in the car and that additional gunman had fled the scene. Deputies then called for backup and set up a perimeter around the vehicle.

However, after talking to witnesses and Ostboe, who appeared under the influence of alcohol and drugs, deputies determined Ostboe had concocted the story.

He was then arrested for DUI and making a false police report. Osboe’s wife was later found unharmed in another city.


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With all the bad guys moving here, and also being early released, WHY would he have to FAKE a car jacking? He could just drive his Porsche around Santa Maria or Oceano and wait for the inevitable?

LOL, Yeah but he had already crashed his car. He was so drunk that he thought it was better to claim that the accident was caused by a car jacking in an effort to distract the police from what really happened. That is about as stupid drunk as it gets.

Already lit by 2:30 in the afternoon… on a Sunday.