Fake San Luis Obispo audiologist sentenced to jail

November 26, 2013

doctor audAn Atascadero man who falsely claimed to be an audiologist was sentenced Monday to one year in jail.

Even though he never attended college, Aaron Marquis, 46, passed himself off as a doctor. He saw patients and dispensed hearing aids without the proper credentials.

His wife Anja Marquis, 39, worked at the couples Advanced Hearing Aid Center in San Luis Obispo submitting insurance claims. Judge Jacquelyn Duffy found Anja Marquis guilty of fraud and sentenced her to 13 days in jail and five years probation.

Staff at the Marquis’ Advanced Hearing Aid Center in San Luis Obispo office said that they are continuing to see patients. On the centers web site, Aaron Marquis is no longer listed as an audiologist, but as an audioprosthologist (an aid fitting specialist).

“Aaron Marquis is a graduate from the American Conference of Audioprosthology and the International Institute for Hearing Instrument Sciences and the only board certified audioprosthologist on the Central Coast with a master’s certificate in auditory prosthetics,” according to the centers website.


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One year in jail? That’s all? Given the overcrowding due to sending state prison inmates to jail he’ll be out in two weeks! What about insurance fraud? How long was this guy doing this? Can any of his patients sue him?

What in the heck is a “masters certificate?” lol It’s a good idea to pay real close attention to the SPECIFIC words people use when they claim something and not just go off the impression what they said leaves on you! :)