Home Goods to replace SLO Office Max

November 14, 2013

home goodsHome Goods, a discount chain store that sells items for the home, is slated to replace the OfficeMax store in Irish Hills Plaza off Los Osos Valley Road.

The remodeled Home Goods location is slated to open next spring.

In October, OfficeMax announced plans to shut down its Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo stores as part of a series of store closings. The fate of a third San Luis Obispo County OfficeMax is on Branch Street in Arroyo Grande is unknown.



Just to clarify… “next spring” as in April-ish 2014 (which would be this coming spring)? Or *next* spring (the one after the coming one), so April-ish 2015?

Either way, it should be interesting to see another China-bulk importer to go with BB&B, et. Al.

Theo P. Neustic

rOy, I get what you’re sayin’ but unfortunately, everything is now made in China or anywhere besides America and it’s a contributing factor , among others, to our demise. I laugh when people criticize Wal Mart for selling Chinese goods, as if there is is something else available somewhere else.


It’s hard, but not impossible to find American-made goods. We drink from Tervis tumblers, my son wears New Balance shoes, we use Tupperware, (all USA), my kids play with Playmobil toys (Germany)…. Even WalMart still sells many products made in the USA; you just have to take extra time to check the labels.


You can always find American-made, but it is a luxury most people cannot afford, unfortunately. Heck, even Glen Beck re-energized one of the original Levi denim plants and tried to make affordable jeans (of the same quality as early 1900’s) and they ended up $125+ or so. Still, is nice to see US-made, high-quality jeans… even at that price.


Where can I find small household appliances like, irons, toasters,

dust-busters, can-openers, coffee makers, etc made in the U.S.? I’d be glad to pay more for those things made here, but where are they?


Oh I know it. I was in Ethiopia a couple years back and saw the Chinese bringing in the tourist crap that “looks” handmade for the locals to sell. I remember thinking: Man, if they can under-cut Ethiopians, what chance do we have in the US?

Then once when I was in Eastern Europe, I saw the “low quality” Chinese goods. The stuff we get in the U.S. is their “Ultra-High quality” stuff, believe it or not. Eating utensil sets that were slightly stronger than tin foil, shirts that looked like cheesecloth, etc.

China has some pretty serious problems, as they need to constantly increase their production quotas, or all the subsidy money stops. It’s a terrible and dangerous position to be in, and I imagine without an external conflict to focus on (soon), they will implode in civil chaos. Just my guess, anyway.


Roy, if it is Thursday and you are talking to someone about next wed. do you not use either term……this coming wed or next wed? I don’t think it would be much different in the way the phrased it. I figured what they were talking about. Coming can be what is up next. Next can be the next one coming up.


Yahoo! This is one of the best stores to be had… BIG sales tax winner for SLO…