Morro Bay pays city attorney to walk away

November 14, 2013
Rob Schultz

Rob Schultz

The city of Morro Bay will pay City Attorney Rob Schultz $163,235 to resign from his position.

Mayor Jamie Irons had been pushing to fire Schultz since September, but Tuesday the city council agreed to a severance package for Schultz that allows him to resign. The council is currently pursuing a severance agreement with City Manager Andrea Lueker, as well.

Schultz will receive a lump sum of $115,956, which is the equivalent of nine months of severance pay. He will also receive a total of $47,279.10 in accrued holiday pay, sick leave and vacation hours.

Neither Irons, nor members of the council stated publicly why they were seeking the termination or resignation of Schultz.

Schultz told CalCoastNews Wednesday that Irons never informed him as to why he was trying to fire him.

Schultz has been the city attorney since 1997. His final day will be Friday.



These city council meetings are so ridiculously comical.

I’ve been waisting my time for so many years not watching them!!

Anybody else watching this coin flip? We might as well start putting betting odds on these meetings.

Right now its 3-2 betting 2-1 odds.

The field is getting 5-1 odds.

Approval of sublease 307 any takers?


Gumyabreak, that was one of the best short stories I ever read. I like how you were you first, then Jimmy Irons, then “Commish”.