Morro Bay police searching for burglars

November 9, 2013

Mustang 1Morro Bay police are looking for the person or persons responsible for burglarizing three separate businesses in the past two weeks.

The burglars have stolen more than $1,000 in cash.

The Shirt Shop on Front Street and Lucia’s Apothecary on the Embarcadero were burglarized in a similar method to a theft at the Morro Bay Eagle’s Lodge on Main Street, according to a press release.

Witnesses at the daytime robbery of the Eagle’s Lodge said they saw a Hispanic man in a newer-model, gray Ford Mustang drive away from the scene. The witnesses said the vehicle had black racing stripes, chrome wheels, “Mustang” in large chrome wheels across the trunk and a partial license plate of “L885.”

The man is also a suspect in robberies in Pismo Beach and at a local state park.



These don’t sound like the most ambitious robbers in the world. The Eagles club? A shirt shop? There’s an apothecary on the Embarcadero?


Those type of people will steal whatever they can…..

they need gifts for Christmas.

I imagine there will be a lot more robberies in the

area in the next few weeks.

Theo P. Neustic

Robbery, theft, and burglary are not the same thing BTW.


They got a partial plate and decent description of a vehicle and still no clue? That doesn’t seem right.