SLO County prosecutor running for district attorney

November 20, 2013

Dan DowSan Luis Obispo County prosecutor Dan Dow announced Tuesday that he is running for district attorney. [KSBY]

Dow, who has been a deputy district attorney for the last six years, announced his bid for the office a day after District Attorney Gerald Shea said he would not seek reelection.

“I want to ensure that our county and community continues to be one of the safest and happiest places to live in America,” Dow said.

Dow has a law degree from Santa Clara University and served as a lawyer in the California Army National Guard.

Shea has served as district attorney since 1998. His term ends in January 2015.

The primary election for his replacement will take place in June 2014. Other contenders for the position are expected to announce their candidacies.


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Sounds like Dow pledges to ignore what Shea has ignored for 15 years. ANYBODY outside the current system would, regardless of flaws, allow a reset and a chance for an honest DA’s office. Chances for this are close to zero.

Maybe the new guy will finally serve justice to the nefarious “Doobie Dozen”. The Tribune headline: “Dow Does the Doobie Dozen”.

What, and support the likes of corruption and heroin induced investigator Cory Pierce? I can see them now, ” Now taking the stand is officer Cory Pierce who was under the influence of heroin during this investigation. Heroin that he stole from dealers and from the evidence room” That would go over like a turd in a punch bowl with any jury.

I would suggest that the Narcotics Task Force deserve the nefarious label rather than the Doobie Dozen. Look where the careers of Rodney John, Cory Pierce, Jason Dickle and Amy Chastain are now. Since this Dow guy wants to keep SLO such a happy place, more business as usual, I nominating Cory Pierce for District Attorney. He was the happiest guy in the county, right up to the time they put the cuffs on him anyway. Now… not so much.

Please accept my apologies; my comments were a lame attempt at sarcasm. Everything about cannabis in SLO county is a joke, starting from Morro Bay and the Lynch scandal, continuing with SLO county’s continual refusal to bypass state law on medical MJ, and certainly including all the resources poured into prosecuting the “Doobie Dozen”.

I’ve spoken with two of the Doobie Dozen at a local meeting. No one realizes some of the bizarre and intimidating behavior of local law enforcement regarding the Doobie Dozen; none of this behavior was ever publicized. I have no doubts that someday the truth will come out and the Doobie Doze will be considered heroes for standing up against misguided law enforcement and prosecution attempts. This issue here is that Dan Dow seems to be cast from the same mold as the previous DA.

Ouch, that should have read “continual bypassing of state law on medical MJ”.

I would be interested in reviewing his Curriculum vitae. As a member (former member) of the JAG, I’m curious which TAG’s (The Adjutant General) he served under. The CARNG has had a bit of a checkered past in recent years involving questionable practices.

Safest?! Not even close! According to NeighborhoodScout (one of the most accurate community crime index keepers out there) SLO is only as safe as 11% of other cities in the US… That means 89% of the cities in the US are safer than ours! Wow!

Maybe what we really should be looking for is a new Chief of Police and Sheriff…

Just sayin’….

Musical chairs?, is that all there is?

is that all there is?, if that’s all there is my friend

then let’s start dancing

let’s break out the booze and have a ball

if that’s all…….

there is..

A song we hear all to often, maybe for the happiest people in the country or maybe not if their happyness is found to be corrupt. Local OJT is important and Dow could be the best person to replace Shea, time will tell.

Like I said yesterday, no changes, just more of the same ole’ boy mentality for the County. You won’t even know that there has been a change following the election. Different name, same policies!

“I want to ensure that our county and community continues to be one of the safest and happiest places to live in America,” Dow said.

So it seems Mr. Dow thinks the way thing were run was just fine, so little chance for things to get better if he is elected. Maybe someone will step up and actually state things were done wrong and promise to fix them if elected, but then again we all know how those running make promises and then break them, “If you like your health insurance you can keep it”, yeah right……

What is frightening is that someone thinks the legal system is the means to become safe and happy. By it’s very nature, it is a reactionary system. Safety and happiness are brought about by individual liberty with a healthy dose of careful life planning and education. Legal system, indeed.