Adam Hill lobbies council members

December 19, 2013

During a Grover Beach City Council meeting on Monday night, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill gave members of the council gold medallions shortly before they made their decision to remove Mayor Debbie Peterson from the county Air Pollution Control District (APCD).

Before the meeting, Hill placed the gifts on each of the council member’s chairs. Then, during public comment, Hill asked council members to call him if they needed financial assistance for Grover Beach events and projects.


The council previously considered booting Peterson from the APCD board in August after she campaigned for a repeal of the APCD dust rule. If implemented, the dust rule would fine the California Department of Parks and Recreation $1,000 a day if it does not reduce the amount of dust blowing onto the Nipomo Mesa.

Hill sets on the APCD board and has chastised Peterson for questioning staff recommendations and reports. San Luis Obispo County Supervisors Hill and Bruce Gibson had previously lobbied the council to remove Peterson from the APCD board, according to other council members.

Two Grover Beach councilmen, Jeff Lee and Glenn Marshall, are employees of the county. Both have stated that they do not have a conflict of interest in the matter.

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Either Adam Hill is not now or in the past done anything wrong, or nobody knows the legal process for stopping him. If he has done something wrong then follow the legal process otherwise quit complaining.

Kevin Rice

Wrong. Malfeasance requires more than just the act itself to pursue. It requires money, resources, willing deponents, and a willing D.A. Dirty politicians such as Hill intimidate and frustrate all of the above. You make no compelling argument against complaining or raising public concern.


File a complaint, with evidence, to the CA State Attorney General’s Office, present your evidence to the FBI or quit complaining because there really is nothing to this story.


Except a real crappy feeling for a guy I know to be a mean spirited soul. adam hill does what he does for the few and for the $$$……..not for what is best for all! I am embarrassed to be a Democrat in his district! Crook, any way you look at it!


I’ll take door number 2. Pretty befitting here in our little kingdom or korruption.


Does your definition of wrong include ethical? just curious.


Caspermilktoast version of Boss Hogg


I would like to know who, besides the taxpayers paid for these “gold medallions.” Were these intended to help “buy” votes?

I wasn’t aware that the BOS is a cash cow that one can simply call when there is a financial need or project.

Webster’s defines BRIBE as the following:

Persuade (someone) to act in one’s favor, typically illegally or dishonestly, by a gift of money or other inducement.



Would you really want a key chain with someone else’s name on it? Wouldn’t even buy it at a garage sale.

Is the county financially responsible for funding Events and Projects for cities? I thought that laid upon each city for Special events? What exactly is Hill promising here?

He looks as though he just finished a few cocktails. Did he have a designated driver?


Target practice is the only reason I can think of wanting one, for use with my single shot .22 caliber “assault rifle”

JB Bronson

Photo of Narcissus admiring himself in the mirror.


Are you sure “lobbies” is the word we’re looking for here? ;)


Personally, I think “pimps” is more accurate.


When I think of Hill, I think of Central Coast democrats. He is the personification of them.

(and for you rage-blind ideologues, Maldonado is the same for whatever semblance of republicans are still hanging around).

The poster boy for Party Politics. Heck, we’ll be like New Jersey or Chicago any day now… and won’t that be great?!


r0y: While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I don’t for one second presume to think that either Abel Maldonado is the standard bearer for Republicans or Adam Hill is the same for Democrats; in my opinion, I think both of them are outliers; while they may belong to those respective parties, they don’t “represent” the best and brightest, nor even the average.


Well, we can agree: we are both entitled to our own opinions… for now.

Is it so far-fetched to start thinking that people like Hill would love to have legal dominance over opinions?


Just the meanest spirits of the bunch! Manipulative comes to mind.


Well, at least in Illinois the governors make their license plates!!! Love to see that action in process here!


Amazing. The man has no ethics, no morals, and no common sense. The council was probably going to vote Peterson off the APCD board anyway, but he has to make a public show of “bribing” them before the vote.


EXACTLY. He is so cluelessly and transparently ham-fisted in his tactics.


I have to wonder how much these medallions cost the San Luis Obispo county taxpayers. And the move by Supervisor Hill is about as subtle as leaving a gift card on the chairs …


If county finances are a concern, the line “Hill asked council members to call him if they needed financial assistance for Grover Beach events and projects” should really be disturbing.


Well, Hill’s pimp-daddy medallions are a perfect emblem for his transparent pimping of his power as SLO County supervisors.

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