California’s gun laws toughest in the country, study finds

December 11, 2013

gunsCalifornia has the toughest gun laws in the country, according to a study released by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. [LA Times]

The two gun control advocacy organizations released their state-by-state analysis Monday, in which California received an A- grade, the highest mark of any state.

Since the shooting a year ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, eight states, including California, have passed “major gun reforms,” said the Brady Campaign California policy chair Amanda Wilcox.

“A record 11 bills were signed into law, including measures to keep guns out of dangerous hands and closing loopholes in California’s law prohibiting large capacity magazines,” Wilcox said. “The research shows that strong gun laws can keep people safe from gun violence. We know that California’s strong gun laws are saving lives.”

The Brady Campaign supported 18 gun control bills that Governor Jerry Brown received this year.

Advocates for gun ownership did not dispute California’s ranking as the state with the toughest firearm laws.

“We definitely have the most oppressive and intrusive violations of the 2nd Amendment of any state in the country,” said Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California.

The Brady study identified one “important gap,” though, in California’s gun laws. Proposed legislation, SB 53, that would require background checks and permits for ammunition purchases did not become law.

Gun control advocates plan to push for the approval of SB 53 next year.



“We definitely have the most oppressive and intrusive violations of the 2nd Amendment of any state in the country,” said Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California.

Maybe, just maybe and I’m just spit balling here, that’s because we have the greatest number of nut ball, psycho, should be locked up, mentally untreated inhabitants of any state.


It’s been proven time and time again that gun control does not work.


Are you saying we have a lot of democrats?


Thanks to Gov. Ronald Reagan, I am now free to co-mingle freely in the streets with my fellow untreated inhabitants.




Where do I sign the recall petitions?


I remember many years ago (pre 9-11) working at the SLO Airport, the response time for the Sheriffs was 20 minutes, so the running joke was to call them 20 minutes before something happened. Those were the days.


Gee, maybe the politicos can enact more “gun free zones” and pretend they are nothing more than de-facto killing fields that guarantee that only criminals for the most part armed within them.

I know — wait for law enforcement! When seconds count, cops are only minutes away!


California politicos should be ashamed about this state’s gun laws.

In years past young people learned to respect and understand firearms. Now they are taught to fear and hate them by promoting ignorance of firearms. How terribly sad.

Gun control doesn’t reduce violent crime. There are a myriad of studies that prove this (the latest coming from Harvard) if one is willing to employ a search engine.

“Gun control” is all about controlling the populous. One would have to be profoundly ignorant, obtuse or simply a liar to suggest that “gun control” is not a precursor to gun confiscation. A quick study of history proves this. From the classic Nazi gun confiscations to the current gun confiscations going on in New York, it’s all about control.

Thankfully I believe we are at a tipping point here in CA on “gun control.” Even Gov. Brown realized this when he vetoed several of the latest attempts at “gun control.” Even if the politicos try to enact more “gun control” here in CA, few will follow them.


El Sr. Estrada le doy la razón en el dinero. Estoy de acuerdo.

Jorge Estrada

Si y gracias por pensar en nuestra segunda enmienda.


I have no doubt that these laws will work, just look how all the previous laws kept criminals from using firearms! Oh, really? Never mind.

Jorge Estrada

I love statistics. Here’s one, only a very very small percentage of crime and deaths have anything to do with the use of a fire arm. If crime and deaths were the real concern, first we would need to outlaw automobiles.

Ted Slanders


Don’t forget swimming pools, kitchen knives, and vengeful wives!


Classic straw man argument. I’ll say this, you’re very consistent in your commenting, Mr. Estrada!


Mr. Estrada, if you also suggest a ban on alcohol and tobacco, I would respect your argument. So,do you? Or are you just spouting the NRA talking points.


Please don’t be so obtuse. A “ban on alcohol and tobacco” would immediately spawn the illicit production, transportation and sales of both. Along with that would come even more crime. No thanks.


Then by your logic, eliminating all controls on guns and cars would result in a sharp decrease in crime and accidents?


No. I didn’t say that — you did.

There is however hard data that proves those states/counties/cities white allow the legal concealed carry of firearms have lower levels of violent crime.

There is absolutely no question that crime would drop in say NYC if law abiding residents were allowed to carry concealed firearms following mandatory training and licensing. It wouldn’t change anything with regard to criminals of course — they don’t follow the laws anyway.