Assistant DA Tim Covello to run for district attorney

December 11, 2013
Tim Covello with wife and two daughters

Tim Covello with wife and two daughters

San Luis Obispo County prosecutor Tim Covello is running for the office of district attorney.

Covello has prosecuted several high profile cases since joining the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office in 1993, including the Dystiny Myers murder case earlier this year. He served as the lead prosecutor in the Myers case, which ended in murder convictions of all five defendants.

“My commitment to the people of San Luis Obispo County is demonstrated by a 20-year record of innovation and creative approaches to public safety,” Covello states on his campaign website.

Covello currently holds the position of assistant district attorney, which is second in command to the district attorney. He previously served as a trial deputy district attorney, felony trial team leader and chief deputy district attorney.

He holds a law degree from the University of Wisconsin and has also represented large corporations and banks in civil litigation.

Covello is the second candidate to announce his campaign for the district attorney’s seat. Deputy District Attorney Dan Dow announced his intention to run shortly after District Attorney Jerry Shea said he would not seek reelection.

The primary election for the seat will occur in June 2014.


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I have had the distinct pleasure in working with Tim Covello in the past while in San Luis Obispo County. His work ethic is above question and he has always demonstrated a truedesire to ensure that justice is served. Not only does Tim do things right, he also does the right thing.

It is certainly premature to start endorsing candidates for this critical office. However, it is a relief to see that the community will have at least one candidate that is highly qualified.

Like most members of the community, I could not care less about the rate of convictions. What really matters is the quality and integrity of our leaders and Tim Covello brings those traits to office. Best to you Mr. Covello.

Gary Hoving

Sheriff’s Chief Deputy (Retired)

I would like to know if he follows our Constitution ?

state or federal

Shouldn’t this “article” say somewhere, “I’m Tim Covello, and I approved this ad”?

well, it appears Tim is outstanding in his field!

What I would like to hear from a candidate for our District Attorney’s position isn’t metrics about how many convictions they have obtained, what their conviction rate is or how many cases they have closed; I would like to hear something about being aware of the communities input on what constitutes a form of “justice” in resolving cases, like the homeless man who was stepped in to help a man being attacked in the Mission Plaza area by a bunch of drunken frat boys and ends up getting arrested for assault; was there any “justice” in that incident? I would also like to hear about a DA who will pursue white collar criminals who have fleeced individuals out of the life savings (did our current DA do anything about Kelly Gearhart?).

In quite a few DA offices around the country, the conviction rate is the gold standard, but if a few innocent or not completely guilty parties have to go to prison to appease that communities’ need for “somebody to pay”, then it seems like no one raises an objection, with the exception of the loved one’s of those wrongly convicted. We don’t need convictions for convictions sake, we need to make sure that those accused do have access to competent legal representation so those who are not guilty don’t pay a price for a need for some sort of “justice”.

Well said bob!

I went to court in 2009 for a restraining order from my ex. I wanted to fight it as it said I had threatened him and his lawyer violated Hippaa laws. I asked for a lawyer and was told next court date then tapped on my shoulder by I believe this man and told if you do not plead guilty we will out you in jail. Like it or not.This was all about furniture and belongings my ex was court ordered to return to me.I asked in a citizens complaint to Pismo Beach police to have this investigated. kamala Harris asked for them to reply to citizens complaints. Not one department replied. Is this the fairness DA Shea is all about.. Bob said it perfectly. we need to make sure that those accused do have access to competent legal representation so those who are not guilty don’t pay a price for a need for some sort of “justice” I hope. I was then harassed by Pismo Beach police for a year.I have no record of any crimes.I was told by a lawyer who did not know me this was wrong. Then I found out I had been blacklisted by all lawyers in this county also by all brokers. Due to Roy Ogden and Adan Hill…I am still seeking a lawyer but looks like I may have to go higher up.. as this county sticks together even the newspapers.. Simple as that.. DA Shea allowed senior abuse in this county.

According to today’s Tribune, Dow has already received many endorsements from his

colleagues within the DA’s Dept.

That’s all that I need to hear. Covello has my vote.

I know nothing about these candidates. Where are the candidate statements for this a publicly elected office?

Accountability to the public needs to be protected.

Shouldn’t we be saying “Accountability to the public needs to be returned” since we haven’t had it under the current DA?

The statement I would like to see from every candidate is, I won’t plea bargain 95% of the cases brought to me to show the citizens I have a “high” conviction rate like the retiring DA.

Candidate statements are where candidate statements are. If you don’t know where to look

for a candidate statement, I hope to god you don’t vote.

How Ironic, the don’t voters can all wait for the voters guide.