Fireworks likely cause of Cambria fire

December 27, 2013

fireworksFireworks caused a small hillside fire in Cambria early Tuesday morning, according to firefighting officials. [Tribune]

The fire burned a forested area of about 40 square feet on a hill below the Cambria Pines Lodge before firefighters extinguished it.

Fireworks are banned in Cambria, but the Cambria Fire Department and other agencies received reports of fireworks in the area earlier that night. Investigators, however, have found neither proof of the fireworks, nor suspects.

“My guess is they were driving around town, shooting them off from wherever they were,” said Fire Capt. Steve Bitto.

If fireworks trigger a fire, the person who owned or lit them can be charged with a crime and held responsible for any damage and the cost of fighting the fire, according to Sheriff’s Sgt. Stuart MacDonald.


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It’s not about holding people responsible. Legal or illegal, you can be held responsible. The reason they are illegal in this area is that there is a very high fire danger area and responsibility can’t bring back people’s home or lives. You don’t want anyone, responsible or not, shooting off fireworks in a dry pine forest cluttered with homes.

But once again…. whether they are illegal or not, people ARE going to light them off. To think that making them illegal is going to make them go away is naive. However, if instead, children are taught not to fear authorities for their mistakes and shenanigans, then it is more likely that they will call someone if they accidentally set a fire?

If someone accidentally starts a fire with fireworks and they know that calling the fire department is going to get them a hefty fine (more than firefighting costs) and a visit from police, there’s very little chance they’re going to call for help.

Once again, more problems with prohibition. If they are legal, you can STILL hold people responsible for any fires they start, but they will be less likely to start them because they can choose a better location without concern of getting in trouble without having started a fire.