Former Morro Bay attorney takes job in Los Gatos

December 3, 2013
Rob Schultz

Rob Schultz

Former Morro Bay city attorney Robert Schultz is moving to Los Gatos to begin working as the Los Gatos city attorney.

The Los Gatos Town Council unanimously approved the hiring of Robert Schultz as the new Town Attorney at its regular meeting Monday evening.

“It is an honor to be selected as the Town Attorney and I am excited about living and working in Los Gatos,” Schultz said.

In November, the Morro Bay Council terminated Schultz for reasons not disclosed to the public. The city of Morro Bay paid Schultz $163,235 to resign from his position.


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the Teflon man rides off into the sunset….fairwell Rob

The fact that the guy gets a better job (tho I’m sure he would liked to have stayed here) immediately after getting s**t-canned, sorry, no softer way to say it, says a lot about Morro Bay’s legendary political cesspool. Los Gatos obviously asked him about his employment history, including why he just got s**t-canned, liked the answers, and decided this was the straight-up city attorney they wanted. I suppose he could have been dirty and Morro Bay is quietly trying to clean up and Los Gatos is looking for a good dirty city attorney for their own nefarious purposes, but somehow I doubt it. The city manager and city attorney are being politically ousted by a council majority elected by people who see signs, network, or might have heard campaigning at group events. They don’t know what’s really going on. Follow the money and motives behind this “majority”.

Rob who? Let’s move on! , Morro Bay…..we have work to do.


Yeah, I guess good news about a person you hate is a bummer…..

Read this elsewhere and could not have said it any better


Over the next few months Morro Bay will be doing exactly what Los Gatos just finished doing. We’ll be spending money head hunting for a new city attorney. Think about what is likely to occur – the same folks who were in the “highly qualified pool of candidates” for Los Gatos are likely to be in our pool of candidates. Then we can select a candidate that came in second or third or forth behind Rob in the Los Gatos search – if they would be willing to work for less pay and in a town that was so stupid that they let Rob get away in the first place! Maybe, we could kick off our search by just calling Los Gatos and ask them for their list of rejects.

All 90 of the less qualified candidates.

I’m sure that Irons is looking forward to picking from the bottom 20 of that list.

That guy will do whatever Irons asks of him.