Former Morro Bay attorney takes job in Los Gatos

December 3, 2013
Rob Schultz

Rob Schultz

Former Morro Bay city attorney Robert Schultz is moving to Los Gatos to begin working as the Los Gatos city attorney.

The Los Gatos Town Council unanimously approved the hiring of Robert Schultz as the new Town Attorney at its regular meeting Monday evening.

“It is an honor to be selected as the Town Attorney and I am excited about living and working in Los Gatos,” Schultz said.

In November, the Morro Bay Council terminated Schultz for reasons not disclosed to the public. The city of Morro Bay paid Schultz $163,235 to resign from his position.




  1. Redsoxman says:

    From the amount of “dislikes” on all the posts congratulating Rob on his new job, it’s obvious that the haters are out in full force, but alas, they can’t come up with anything meaningful to post.

    (8) 22 Total Votes - 15 up - 7 down
    • probiz says:

      Their failure to post is more meaningful than anything than they ever post. How articulate does one need to be to chant over and over “old boy”s club, old boy’s club, old boy’s club,” complain about being homeless or the great things that will be coming from the new Progressive Movement when they seize power from the oppressors?

      (0) 18 Total Votes - 9 up - 9 down
      • slophocles says:

        Good ‘Ol Boys Club! – Good ‘Ol Boys Network! – if you are going to whine about a chant you don’t like, you have to be able to articulate it.

        (2) 14 Total Votes - 8 up - 6 down
    • slophocles says:

      My posts aren’t up 10 seconds before they get a dislike. Someone sits there with their finger over the clicker, waiting to see my name. Right now, if I were to post “I hate Irons – Recall the mayor” I would get a dislike. Tells you how reliable they are – just like they are an unreliable way to gauge the Morro Bay voting public. If you were to only read these comments and go by the likes/dislikes, you would think Irons, Smukler and N. Johnson are three individuals about to be run out of town on a rail, when we know that nothing could be further from the truth.

      (4) 18 Total Votes - 11 up - 7 down
      • MaryMalone says:

        How do you know whether Irons, Smukler and Johnson are rising or falling in MB moters’ opinion?

        (3) 7 Total Votes - 5 up - 2 down
        • slophocles says:

          You caught me – posting an opinion on an opinion-drive discussion board.

          (2) 6 Total Votes - 4 up - 2 down
      • mb20 says:

        Ha I don’t know there pretty close to being ran out of town…
        They are in the midst of a recall… And have successfully killed there reelection campaign.

        (4) 10 Total Votes - 7 up - 3 down
      • Progressiveshateme says:


        (2) 4 Total Votes - 3 up - 1 down
      • givemeabreak says:

        Well at least I am happy you added Nancy Johnsons name to that I like her! She was even a girl scout like Christine Johnson. Just one with a bit more experience.

        (1) 5 Total Votes - 3 up - 2 down
        • slophocles says:

          Sorry, meant C.Johnson – not the one with the husband that’s “different”.

          (-4) 8 Total Votes - 2 up - 6 down
          • Redsoxman says:

            No, you meant the one whose husband got a sweet job provided by Irons’ wife…..

            (2) 6 Total Votes - 4 up - 2 down
  2. racket says:

    Seems to me that MB ought to wait until after the recall to hire Schultz’s replacement. To hire someone now will necessitate their immediate replacement when the Majority shifts on the council.

    MB could save some money by waiting.

    Further, MB would get some qualified applicants by waiting. Anyone good is going to pass on applying now, as clearly it will be a six-month gig.

    (2) 16 Total Votes - 9 up - 7 down
    • probiz says:

      I don’t see the potential new leadership making a mistake like that. It would be shortsighted.

      (0) 10 Total Votes - 5 up - 5 down
    • mb20 says:

      I disagree most city councils don’t go around blatantly misfiring there attorney like this one. And they aren’t replacing with a full time attorney.

      What’s going to happen is they are going to hire an attorney for $150-$200 an hour (over twice what Schultz was paid), and the new council going to realize how much money we are waisting and do another RFP.

      With a recall this will probably be done by November, without next April.
      Irons is setting us up to pay $300,000 for an attorney less qualified.

      Sign the recall.

      (6) 20 Total Votes - 13 up - 7 down
    • MaryMalone says:

      I’ve worked in a few local government agencies. Based on that experience, and having lived through a lot of power plays, it sounds like Irons wanted to some ill-advised and inappropriate bookkeeping and city-management, and Leuker and Schultz wouldn’t participate.

      Since both Leuker and Schultz have far more experience in their fields (and, specifically, as it applies to Morro Bay), I would trust their judgment before I would three new politicians who just won their offices.

      Just a guess. Time will tell.

      (5) 11 Total Votes - 8 up - 3 down
      • slophocles says:

        Statistically speaking, experience is not a reliable indicator of job performance.

        (-4) 8 Total Votes - 2 up - 6 down
      • mbactivist1 says:

        If there was anyone who wanted to do something ill-advised or inappropriate, it would not be Irons. As for Schultz and Lueker, clearly, experience does not equal skill.

        (-6) 10 Total Votes - 2 up - 8 down
        • givemeabreak says:

          Yeah Ms. MBACTIVIST1….just tell the Town of Los Gatos that.

          (3) 9 Total Votes - 6 up - 3 down
        • mb20 says:

          And do you have any evidence to back this claim up?

          Cause I have said time and time again with points why Leuker and Schultz have proven they are incredible employees and why Iron’s and his crew really have no idea what they are doing.

          I see a bunch of worthless claims:

          Two random complaints that funds were wrongly (they weren’t)
          Brown Act violations (which Schultz instructed council to correct and they didn’t)
          A separation agreement (for full severance and no cause)

          I see years of good decisions by Schultz and Leuker:

          Chevron negotiations
          Power plant negotiations with Dynegy and PG&E
          Putting funds into the reserve fund for when the power plant stops
          Less litigation issues in the city
          Volunteering at numerous city functions

          I see one year of horrible decisions by Irons:
          Pulling the WWTP from the CCC instead of working with them
          Firing Schultz without cause for full severance
          (When he later got hired 15 days later.)
          Firing Leuker without cause for full severance
          (And now she won’t even take full severance and wants more.)

          All while Schultz worked for 17 years under 9 different mayors.
          Who all gave above satisfactory reviews.

          And Irons in his 1st year became Mayor before even being on city council decided to proceed with firing these two after the public was clearly against the firings.


          (5) 9 Total Votes - 7 up - 2 down
          • Redsoxman says:

            MB20, don’t expect a reply from Activist anytime soon, she is on the floor gagging on all the facts you presented.

            (2) 4 Total Votes - 3 up - 1 down
      • slophocles says:

        You sure are privy to lots of inside information. How so?

        (-1) 3 Total Votes - 1 up - 2 down
  3. slophocles says:

    Happy ending for both parties. Sometimes when an employee gets too entrenched in “the way things have always been done” it is better to split ways and move on. Schultz is making more money now, and Morro Bay can move on with fresh, unbiased legal advice and everyone is the better for it. It looks like Irons and the council knew what they are doing, after all.

    (-13) 35 Total Votes - 11 up - 24 down
    • Kevin Rice says:

      Lol!!! Yeah. Right. Morro Bay can move on with fresh, green, inexperienced counsel. And Irons remains opaque and intransigent.

      (6) 30 Total Votes - 18 up - 12 down
      • slophocles says:

        Actually, experience is a very poor indicator of job performance (statistically). Be glad for Mr. Schultz – a new start – he will probably be very effective in his new job.

        (-3) 13 Total Votes - 5 up - 8 down
    • Redsoxman says:

      Nice spin! Irons got rid of a valuable employee at a heavy price for no reason (damn, there’s that “without cause” phrase again!), but yeah, they knew what they are doing. Next on the chopping block, Ms. Lueker, another wonderful decision by the council……

      (11) 33 Total Votes - 22 up - 11 down
      • slophocles says:

        Sometimes it’s not about job performance but about a needed change. Life goes on.

        (-4) 12 Total Votes - 4 up - 8 down
        • Redsoxman says:

          Easy for you to say, YOU’RE not the one that has to pick up and move! And although they’re not “over the hill” by any means, to make them relocate at this time of their lives is not the optimum event they had in mind.

          (2) 4 Total Votes - 3 up - 1 down
    • probiz says:

      Meanwhile, he is forced to uproot his family when it appears there was no basis for the termination. Los Gatos would not have made the selection if they had concerns about his integrity as has been suggested repeatedly by some on this blog.

      (9) 15 Total Votes - 12 up - 3 down
      • slophocles says:

        That is too bad, but then look at the homeless people all across the nation. They are uprooted every morning, and many of them have families too. I see a woman and her young son in Morro Bay waking up every day in an old Ford Bronco or some thing. They move around all day trying to find places to park – except for when he is in school, then she has to move around by herself.

        (-1) 9 Total Votes - 4 up - 5 down
        • mb20 says:

          Well there son will go to college for free on my dime if he just turns in his homework in time, meanwhile the minimum wage is being raised from 8.25 to 10.00 this summer, and if they want to advance themselves they can easily go out and be trained for another profession.

          No sympathy for them.

          Meanwhile, Schultz did that just that and had seven years of education to earn that salary. He is irreplaceable and thats why we paid him $152,000. The rest of Morro Bay will soon realize how irreplaceable he was.

          (3) 9 Total Votes - 6 up - 3 down
        • givemeabreak says:

          slophocles……how much time do you spend daily helping the homeless? I spend 8-10…and you?

          (2) 4 Total Votes - 3 up - 1 down
      • MaryMalone says:

        Probiz, ITA. For anyone to think it is a fun-filled lark to uproot your whole life, after living for 25 years in the same small community, is ludicrous.

        (4) 6 Total Votes - 5 up - 1 down
        • slophocles says:

          I bet they’ll be a lot warmer than that mother and her boy tonight – supposed to be around 28 degrees.

          (-2) 4 Total Votes - 1 up - 3 down
    • SLOthinker says:

      How can you type on a keyboard when you are spinning so fast.

      (4) 10 Total Votes - 7 up - 3 down
    • mb20 says:

      How long will Irons supporters continue to blindly follow the mayor?

      My guess is when we pay $300,000 for an attorney,
      And $300,000 for a city manager next year and,
      And 40+ million for a new WWTP…

      It’s too late to fix most of these blatant mistakes at this point but if you sign the recall you can stop irons next erroneous move.

      (7) 15 Total Votes - 11 up - 4 down
      • slophocles says:

        Well, we really haven’t had long enough to blindly follow anyone. Guy hasn’t been in office a year. Reminds me of Obama – Republicans wanted his head before he even got sworn in. It’s why the Recall has such credibility.

        (-2) 10 Total Votes - 4 up - 6 down
    • Progressiveshateme says:

      See what happens when you let all of those massage parlors in town.

      (2) 2 Total Votes - 2 up - 0 down
  4. probiz says:

    Good for Rob. Shows what others outside the Irons’ Kingdom think about the validity of all the accustaions hurled at Rob by the Morro Bay Progressives. The last laugh is on Irons, Johnson, Smuckler the the loyal servants that bow at their feet.

    (6) 32 Total Votes - 19 up - 13 down
  5. Kevin Rice says:

    Los Gatos is extremely lucky. And they pay better than MB too. Good for Rob!

    (11) 33 Total Votes - 22 up - 11 down
  6. mb20 says:

    Not only was our city attorney hired within 15 days of his resignation, Los Gatos decided he was worth $30,000 more a year.

    With no harbor issues or power plant this job is going to be considerably easier.

    Which begs the question, who is Morro Bay going to find more affordable and better then Schultz?

    When you find out the answer it’s time to sign the recall.

    (18) 36 Total Votes - 27 up - 9 down
    • mbactivist1 says:

      Fortunately, it will not be hard for Morro Bay to find someone better than Schultz. In fact, we already did that with the interim City Attorney.

      As for the extra $30,000 a year, that won’t make much of a dent in the cost of living in Los Gatos. Pay there tends to be higher because everything costs more. The median home price there is more than twice what it is here, and that’s just for starters.

      (-12) 20 Total Votes - 4 up - 16 down
      • Redsoxman says:

        Lave it to you to find a dark cloud in the sunniest of places. It’s people like you that give humankind a bad name……

        (4) 16 Total Votes - 10 up - 6 down
        • mbactivist1 says:

          Thanks, Redsoxman. I love you too :)

          (-5) 11 Total Votes - 3 up - 8 down
      • mb20 says:

        I strongly disagree mbactivist. Mr. Schultz was a great city attorney.
        What possibly can you say he did wrong in his time in Morro Bay?

        I saw him negotiate incredible deals with Dynegy for the power plant,
        and negotiate deals with Chevron for the power plant.

        I saw 17 years of above satisfactory reviews with past city council members,
        and him volunteering at countless events for the city.

        I saw a without cause firing that was poorly done without any plan in place to replace hi
        m, and the hiring of an interim interim attorney who is making twice what we paid Schultz.

        Morro Bay is going to spend over $300,000 for an attorney in the next year.
        And I find it hard to believe they will be as committed to there job and professional as Schultz.

        (4) 16 Total Votes - 10 up - 6 down
        • mb20 says:

          negotiate deals with Chevron*
          Not for the power plant my bad.

          (1) 3 Total Votes - 2 up - 1 down
      • slophocles says:

        Quality pessimism. Good job.

        (-1) 5 Total Votes - 2 up - 3 down
      • MaryMalone says:

        From the information available to the public, Shultz’s termination was without explanation.

        So it seems it is more likely that whomever ends up being City Attorney for more than 10 months is going to be someone who will rubber-stamp what Irons and his council majority want.

        (5) 7 Total Votes - 6 up - 1 down
      • givemeabreak says:

        LMAO!!!!! With the new interim city attorney……?????????What has she done for MB?????

        (2) 4 Total Votes - 3 up - 1 down
      • slophocles says:

        He’ll be alright – he got a lot of experience here in Morro Bay and with his skills and talent should adapt right away. Morro Bay gave him a lot.

        (-2) 4 Total Votes - 1 up - 3 down
  7. Pelican1 says:

    Congratulations Rob! I’m sure happiness is seeing Morro Bay in your rear view mirror.
    Los Gatos obviously knows a good man when they see one.
    Good luck and best wishes. Enjoy this new chapter in your life.

    (9) 27 Total Votes - 18 up - 9 down
  8. SLOthinker says:

    I think MB was crazy to fire him, but for this to happen this quick, he must have known it was coming and had feelers out.

    Good luck to him and his family.

    (1) 23 Total Votes - 12 up - 11 down
    • Redsoxman says:

      Remember, SLO, this has been going on since September, of COURSE he had feelers out!

      (7) 17 Total Votes - 12 up - 5 down
  9. SLOBIRD says:

    So obviously Mr. Schultz knew this was coming some time back (probably one election night) as no one in government gets hired to a full time position in less than 45-60 days. As a professional, it is usually at least 60-90 days at a minimum. Interesting…

    (2) 20 Total Votes - 11 up - 9 down
    • Kevin Rice says:

      What planet are you on? What a bunch of baseless nonsense.

      (5) 23 Total Votes - 14 up - 9 down
    • taxpayer says:

      Wrong! A good City Attorney is hard to find. Los Gatos will find Rob Schultz to be the best attorney they’ve ever had.

      (14) 24 Total Votes - 19 up - 5 down
      • mbactivist1 says:

        Then I hate to think what they have before.

        (-7) 15 Total Votes - 4 up - 11 down
    • racket says:

      I risk sounding like a fanboy, but:

      Schultz was an excellent asset. Morro Bay made a mistake in losing him. Palo Alto is lucky to have him, and didn’t view him with the prejudices Irons and his handlers have.

      (10) 24 Total Votes - 17 up - 7 down
    • Redsoxman says:

      Wow… about conspiracy theories……please change your name, I think SLOBIRDBRAIN has a nice ring to it. Still waiting for all of the other good little soldiers that follow Irons blindly to weigh in on this one, should be hilarious!

      (0) 20 Total Votes - 10 up - 10 down
      • MaryMalone says:

        That is the best you can offer to defend Irons? Attacks on those who do not support Irons? Which does nothing but make you look like you can’t find any real reasons to support Irons.

        (4) 6 Total Votes - 5 up - 1 down
        • mbactivist1 says:

          I think this is the major reason that so many people support Irons: He has the courage and strength to take on the arduous task of cleaning up the inefficiency, incompetence, and corruption in City government, even though a small group – the old boy/old girl club- continues to viciously attack him.

          (-5) 7 Total Votes - 1 up - 6 down
          • Redsoxman says:

            He has an ego as big as Montana and a bloated idea of his own self-worth. That’s why “so many people” want him out!

            (0) 4 Total Votes - 2 up - 2 down

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