Foster kids just like money in the bank

December 19, 2013
Lee Collins

Lee Collins


Children taken from parents and placed in foster homes generate a generous flow of cash to California counties, according to a recent Los Angeles Times report.

County social services agencies throughout the state net at least $1,800 each month for every child placed into foster care.

“The currency of the system is children; the key to getting more children — and earning more money — is finding willing foster parents,” The Times reported.

The newspaper noted the strong financial motivation for government’s placement of children in what often are inferior foster homes.

Approximately 40 percent of a monthly grant for each child goes to the foster parents; the remaining 60 percent goes to individual counties to help pay salaries and reduce office expenses.

Earlier this month, San Luis Obispo County Social Services Department Director Lee Collins asserted this county does not receive any government funding for children in the foster care system.

He told the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors on Dec. 10 that there is a high cost to the county for keeping children in county custody.

Statewide, many of these children then end up in neglectful or dangerous foster homes.

“The money that foster parents receive — about $748 a month in California, or $25 a day — is for the children’s living expenses,” The Times reported. “The homes are not meant to be profit-making enterprises, but it is the sole income for some parents.”

According to California’s state website, “The preferred placement of children who require out-of-home care is with relatives.” However, county employees have wide-ranging, often absolute, discretion in determining if children stay in foster homes, or with family members, while working to “reunify” kids with parents.

Many parents of children “relocated” to foster homes also reported extreme difficulties in getting child welfare employees to respond to allegations of foster abuse. Those employees are required by law to investigate within 48 hours allegations of abuse or neglect of their wards.

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Karen was busted for 23152a CVC because in the “officer’s discretion” felt she was impaired for driving under the influence of any drug or alcohol “below” the legal limit (23152B CVC is .08% or more .. over the legal limit)

Child Protective Services felt “In their discretion” because she was busted for 23152a CVC and the house was a mess.

I have a 12 and 14 year old and it is a very difficult job trying to get them to keep their rooms clean, its a mess all the time.

Karen has to secure an attorney (Not cheap and expensive) she has to go through “The painstaking justice process” and because of who she is “ordered to keep her mouth shut!

The judge will not drop the DUI case without a good and expensive lawyer making a good case.

The judge will not release her grandchildren without a good lawyer making a clear case.

Regardless of the outcome, the people in power has already compromise the free investigative press with legally discretionary decisions!

They have taught and trained her now, who has the real power, and be careful who you mess with and the miserable expensive consequences regardless of outcome.

They have already succeeded regardless of the outcome!

I understand the point that you’re making Willie. Nothing is worth watching these poor kids suffer the emotional fear and psychological pain that they have been put through by CWS and a dysfunctional juvenile court system but this crony cadre have only succeeded temporarily. There is another court that actually functions to protect the rights of the citizens. The guilty will be held to answer, make no mistake about that and these three innocent children will heal in time.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s to the Velie & Powers family. My wife came home from last minute shopping and told me that she saw the kids out with their mother and grand mother on Christmas Eve. My daughter goes to school with the kids and my wife recognized Karen. She said the kids were happy and having a ball. Gwen the 10 year old told my daughter that lots of people had been leaving them cards and gifts. My daughter told her that everybody is watching to make sure that CWS doesn’t do anymore bad things to them and to make sure that they stay with their family. The kids were so happy to hear my daughter tell them that. My wife and I started crying as she was telling me about it.

God Bless this family and all families who have been separated for no reason other than evil ego’s and government insanity.

This family isn’t out of the woods yet, not by any means. We need to keep a close eye on this situation until it is fully resolved.


THANK YOU so much for sharing!!! My heart was encouraged to read your post.

And to learn the children were with family, what a gift+

The post below is 100% accurate. Not to underestimate the ploys that these leaches will go to. So yes, we need to keep up the “watch dog” all our eyes open and on CWS.

My family was raped by CWS. I first hand walked the fire and my heart goes out to see this continue to happen.

Personally, I would not of believed my own story could be possible, but there is something to be said about walking it. So I have a genuine passion in seeing Justice.

Many good and loving families (who have gotten caught up in this broken system) have been devastated by the impact of Child Welfare’s incompetence.

Many families in this quaint community remain silenced for fear of intimidation, embarrassment and shame. Also, the stigma that sticks.. and blame that they are bad parents.

Keep the faith and know that no matter what the light is brighter. The truth sets you free.

+Merry Christmas to the Velie Family+

You are in my thoughts and wrapped in prayers!!!

Unfortunately, in the broad area of social services… it’s all about the getting the money.

It is really a horrible system … hopefully change will come.

What ever happenned to all the “Wrap Around” Services that were supposed to keep more kids in their homes and out of placement? Was that just more smoke and PR?

Something was terribly mishandled in the Velie Grandchildren case. There is no hiding that.

There are lots of wrap around services (as in classes to take) but CPS doesn’t follow the law on those. They are supposed to only remove a child from their home when the child is in danger and the danger can not be immediately remedied. Initially, all the available services/programs were intended to be available while a family remained intact and worked through whatever (if any) unhealthy dynamics might exist within the family unit . BUT CWS doesn’t get the extra $1122. a month per child if they leave a family intact. It’s more money for them to tear the family apart, throw the child into a strangers home (foster care) pay those foster parents an extra 728 a month per child with tax $$ and then load the real parents down with programs that they must attend and complete. That way, CAPSLO gets to collect the grant tax $$ from the programs that they make the parents attend and the counseling for everybody and they still get the $1122 per child a month to boot.

I was just looking at a AFCARS report, it indicates that almost 33% of the children in foster care are under the age of 1 year old. Oh yeah, CWS loves to slither around the maturity wards looking for any reason to steal a new born from it’s mother. That’s a fact. CWS has all the nurses and doctors and candy strippers and janitors on high alert watching for any little reason to give them a call. The medical personnel doesn’t even have to feel certain in their suspicion or thinking, if they think anything might not be right (mother doesn’t seem like she is going to bond with new born)(mother seems depressed)(mother has 3 other young children and now this newborn) they are told to call CWS immediately. This is so sick and the worst part is that it’s TRUE. We need reform 10 years ago. These poor kids and their families.

Cindy – I have to defer to either your expertise or research, but I must say that my experiernce with the system, DSS was trying desperately to reunite the kids with the parents. This was the early turn of the century, so much may have changed. Then, as foster parents who lavished the kids we were shocked that some homes were basically factories. In our only…only success situation the kid was adopted by a great parent. One out of 30.

According to the LATimes articles, this problem has been ongoing since before the year 2000.

This has been a problem way before 2000…

If you go to the San Luis Obispo Grand Jury reports, CWS was investigated. Go to 2001-2002 Reports/table of contents Complaint Resolution.

Past Reports | San Luis Obispo Superior Court

Grand Jury. Current Reports; … 2001-2002. Final Report; Responses; Prior. … 1050 Monterey St. San Luis Obispo, CA 93408 805-781-5143

south, You experienced DSS from the opposite side. They need you, without you, they can’t earn 60% of what the gov pay’s them to place a child in a foster home.

The law states that they’re supposed to try and reunite families after they have broke a family apart. What would it look like if they gave you the impression that they were doing just the opposite? I don’t think it’s difficult to recognize an abused or neglected child that has been placed in your home. I think a foster parent is in an excellent position to make that assessment. If you don’t see clear evidence that a child has been abused or neglected by the parent(s), then they probably weren’t. I think it’s the clear duty of a foster parent to make that assessment and if necessary, take the parents side. This would certainly help to bring about change. Unfortunately, too many (not all but too many) foster parents are in it for the money and actually exacerbate the problem/accusations and take their clues from CWS.

We often hear of these foster families with several foster children and a couple that have been adopted. It sounds like if the family adopted a child, then that family must be in it for the love of the children, otherwise they would not adopt which generally means to take full financial responsibility. But this is not the case and the exact opposite is true. When a foster family adopts, they don’t give up any of the financial benefits but actually receive an additional monthly payment above what they would receive had they not adopted. There is a financial incentive for all involved (except the real parents) to adopt one of these children. .

” CWS loves to slither around the maturity wards looking for any reason to steal a new born from it’s mother.”

Newborn’s are highly adoptable especially if they’re white. A year ago, I would have found this very idea of CWS stealing newborns absurd but after my experience with a close friend, it appears to be true. CWS is currently attempting to pass a law that all mothers and newborns are to be drug tested at the hospital. Any drug at all that wasn’t administered at the hospital is to be reported. It appears that some hospitals are doing this drug testing without the consent of the parent which is a clear violation of their rights.

I know this because last year, a close friend of mine was within a week of her delivery date when her wisdom teeth erupted. The oral surgeon said that since she shouldn’t be placed under anesthesia and she was too frightened of the many needles that would be required to remove the impaction under a local anesthetic that her best bet was to use pain medication sparingly and have her wisdom teeth removed after her delivery. He gave her vicodin and she used it at less than 1/2 the prescribed dose. She took none on the day that her contractions started 4 days later.

After she delivered Sarah, a healthy 9lb baby girl, CWS showed up at the hospital within hours! She didn’t let them take Sarah and the police decided to stay out of it but CWS didn’t want to leave her alone. The doctor said that the level of vicodin in her system had been very low but that by law, he had been required to report it. It wasn’t her family doctor who did this. The hospital never should have tested her anyway, what the heck? She called an attorney after CWS came knocking on her door again two day’s later wanting to see her and Sarah. The attorney told her not to let them in or speak to them. He then told her to have her family doctor contact them in writing. The attorney then sent them a letter along with a copy of the doctors letter. They never should have been involved to begin with. Barbara, her attorney and I are all convinced that CWS would have stole the baby if they could have. It’s a good thing that she didn’t give them a foothold in her door and called an attorney immediately, didn’t speak to them and didn’t agree to anything like allowing them to assist her with any programs for new mothers like they tried to do.

Yes, I believe that they try to steal babies and if you give them any room to insert themselves into your life for any reason, they will find a reason to take your baby.

Nancy, I’m aware of a similar case. This happened with a co-worker of my wife. The mother didn’t contact an attorney and as a new mother, she agreed to take some parenting classes. It started out just fine and innocent but somewhere in the middle, they managed to find things wrong with this new first time mother. She was still on her 6 week leave of absence and breast feeding when they took her baby. Something about the baby failing to thrive because he was under weight. It took almost 9 months for her to get her baby back. Then they said that there was a failure to bond and they took her baby again. As for the baby being under weight, it was only after he was placed on a high calorie special formula that he gained plenty of weight which was something that her own doctor had never prescribed. So why didn’t they just give her the special formula to begin with? One can only believe that they were looking for a reason to remove this beautiful loved and well cared for child. Someone should be placed in prison for this.

Look up SAN LUIS OBISPO GRAND JURY REPORTS downloads from 2003-2004

The below is just the beginning…




The 2003-2004 Grand Jury received multiple complaints against the San

Luis Obispo County Department of Social Services (DSS). These complaints

accused the Child Welfare Services (CWS) division of failing to provide for

the safety and stability of children who are at risk of abuse and/or neglect.

Investigation of the complaints led us to examine several CWS systems.

Our investigation focused on two areas where CWS has important responsibilities:

the county system for reporting and investigating suspected child

abuse, and the processes involved in the placement of children who have

been removed from their homes. We found problems in both systems that

involve lack of communication and coordination with related agencies. In reporting

child abuse, CWS fails to provide law enforcement and the district attorney…

I used to have nightmares as a kid about the “Child Catcher” in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with his lollipops for sale and his cage for children.

Now I have nightmares about Federal, State, and Local Government. How times have changed.

Power corrupts.

We the people need to have these people under control of our tax money. Government is out of control.

people are the government

Dan, You forgot to tell everybody about how after the children time out in the foster care program after 18 months, the next big step is to adopt them out for a whooping $10,000 EACH.

Yup, that is how it works. CWS will keep a parent on the limb for 18 months and in the end, they’ll find a reason why things just aren’t working out. They make up all sorts of things or get one of their crony psychologists that CAPSLO pays to write up a report saying that the parent is mentally ill and that it is not in the childs best interest to prolong the reunification period. They will blame the parent for just about every obtuse flaw you can think of even though it was CWS who was pulling the strings all along behind a hidden agenda and they set the parent up to lose from day one. Poor family never had a chance, not with all that Grant Money and those psychologist, well 95% of their business comes from CAPSLO/CWS case loads at $100.00 a visit paid with our tax $$. They will write whatever CAPSLO wants them to write. There are horror stories all over the net about it. This is going on all over the country.

In 2012, California CWS claims to have substantiated 82,052 claims of child abuse and 50,821 claims of child neglect. Of all those children, ONLY 18,353 were returned to their parents in 2012. Something has to be done. I’ll be posting a bunch of links tomorrow for people to read. It’s outright scary and guess what, the Juvenile Court Judge, the court appointed attorneys and the CWS workers are all paid from the same grant monies and they need to continue bringing in more money each year to get raises and grow their fiefdoms. I was reading about another case where this poor woman was outright lied about by CPS and she was saying that when the judge issues an order that goes against what CWS wants, he doesn’t write it down. HUH?? That’s exactly what happened to Karen and what did Heather Zuhker (sp?) tell Karen, she said she didn’t have to comply because the judge didn’t write it down. They are in cahoots together. Karen needs a good attorney and she needs to start objecting and pointing out all the inaccuracies during the hearings which is the exact opposite of what her original lawyer told her to do). If she doesn’t raise objections, she will not have the ability to appeal if they try to TPR.

This is all more serious than any of us realize. Oh and then there are all those CAPSLO services that parents are required to attend but CAPSLO and CWS are so closely linked that they share their funding and resources. Those special classes to assist parents are designed to set the parent up to lose. This is really corrupt, dangerous and unconstitutional. I had no idea how bad it is.CWS doesn’t have to prove that a parent is guilty of anything you know. That’s right, all they have to do is create a 51% possibility that you are unfit for what ever reason.

In an odd way, this reminds me of the Traffic Court system. How is the judge going to sit there and honestly evaluate a situation when s/he directly benefits from the citizen’s guilt and their paying the extortion charged?

I mean, if one is on trial, and a guilty verdict means more money in the system that the judge (and everyone else) draws from, what incentive do they have other than some “moral obligation” that may or may not exist?

Similar with the whole CPS system. If money comes in for having kids in your system, then why ever would the corrupt people who desire money ever want that to change?

I think this falls under the category where of a Government big enough to do for you is big enough to do to you…

Apparently you did not read the link to the article at the LA Times; in effect the article states, clearly and plainly, that the problems that have arisen are not due to those agencies that are government offices, but the problems are those private agencies and privately run foster homes that get government funding. Reading the article, it also mentions that the government run foster homes don’t have the problems that the privately run homes can have.

I understand the frustration about poorly run government, about the issues of government having too much power and a real lack of oversight/accountability; but your assertion that this is the problem of having too big of a government seems easy to counter. My assertion is that we actually need just a few more positions in these agencies; positions that have the task of making sure that the case workers are truly investigating claims of malfeasance, of foster homes run by convicts, and that those cases are followed up on and that when investigations do find horrible conditions or actual crimes being committed, something is done about it, not allowing it to be swept under the rug. There also needs to be a position of oversight to make sure that the children are getting what they need, and another position to make sure that no one is running any sort of agency or home that is really trying only to make a profit on the suffering of children being pushed through these agencies and foster homes.

It isn’t “big government” that is the problem here, it is inefficiency, lack of transparency, lack of oversight, and far too few trying to do way too much. Scamers and criminals will always search out for easy targets, and having far too little oversight allows such individuals to profit and to lash out at the easy targets of the children. The system needs to be fixed, period.

Possibly, bob.

While I would not jump on the “big government” bandwagon that I normally hop onto, I also can see how it is the very “big government” mentality that attracts the worst kind of people (often); that is, those who just love to tell others how they should be living, etc.

This is where the inefficiency and lack of oversight come in (I agree with you there); but I think the reason oversight and efficiency are needed is, like most things run by the government, the wrong people are attracted and retained to government services. I do not know if there is a solution, as privatizing the system may not be the answer, either.

Really? who or what takes the children from their home? Where does the authority come from to do such a thing? Where does the money come from? Here is a quote from the article you suggest that I did not read…”The newspaper noted the strong financial motivation for government’s placement of children in what often are inferior foster homes.”

Don’t tell me Big Governments hands are clean in this situation. I think you may want to think a little deeper and peal the onion skin back a bit to see what lies beneath. Big government is the original political sin.

“Big government is the original sin.” You have stated your opinion as if it were incontrovertible fact; in all of my writings, I have never stated that government is the end all to be all, an “all good things to all people”; government is us, people. People are not perfect, many have motivations that are not all sunny and bright; big government can function very well if there is the proper mindset for those government workers to do so. As an example, I would point to countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and so on; the citizens in those countries expect that their government function, and that they operate in the best interests of a majority of the population. Ever since Ronald Reagan came along and declared that “government is the problem”, we have repeatedly elected representatives that have the mindset that government cannot function well and then they set out to prove it. Add to that toxic environment individuals whose motivation is all about enriching themselves and we have corruption in layers and layers of government from local cities all the way up to the federal system. Then you factor in those who get into a position of authority and find that they “like” being able to tell others what to do, when to do and how to do, and you get the little Napoleons that protect their fiefdoms and cover for others in similar positions.

My point is that it isn’t that government is “the” problem, it is that there are far too many whose motivation is to either rip off the taxpayer big time, or there are those who simply like to make others miserable, and do so under the color of authority. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I see it differently.

I see it as a situation where the government agencies which ultimately have the responsibility for the health and welfare of those in their child-welfare system shirks its duty to provide oversight to the private agencies with which they contract to provide foster-care services.

You might want to read the linked LATimes article, as well as the additional linked articles about specific situations occurring in child-welfare agencies.

A demonstration of the lack of oversight of the California state contracted foster-care homes is outright lack of reporting abuse cases on a yearly basis once the trigger number for reporting to the state agency has been reached. In other words, if by September the number of allowable abuse cases have been referred for review has been reached, then the agencies simply don’t report the cases between September and the end of December.

Another specific instance…

Social workers for the private foster-care agencies are not allowed to have more than one full-time job as a social worker at a time. They are limited to monitoring 15 individual foster-care children at a time. However, some social workers have up to four full-time jobs at a time, with different agencies. The state knows this yet has done nothing to require social workers report each job they have.

And that is just one instance of lack of oversight by the state of private foster-care agencies.

Let’s do some math…

According to the SLO CWS website ( there are approximately 300 children in Foster care at any give time.

The LA Times article (,0,5583241.htmlstory#axzz2nrQnNTeh) states that the Foster program receives $1870 a month per child.

So 60% of $1,870 is $1,122 x 300 kids = $336,600 PER MONTH that goes to Child Welfare Services for salaries, administrative costs, office supplies, etc.

The LA Times article also states that there can NOT be more than 15 children assigned to a case worker.

15 x $1,122 = $16,830 per month or $201,960 PER YEAR!

Again, the Times story is about private child welfare agencies created to replace overwhelmed county DSS agencies.

The County DDS Agency gets the same money per child that the private kidnapping baby mill gets.

You are not supposed to point that out, Cindy.