Investor trying to split California into six states

December 24, 2013

urlSan Luis Obispo County would join Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties to form the state of West California, if voters support the initiative of a Silicon Valley investor. [LA Times]

Venture capitalist Tim Draper held a news conference Monday to discuss his proposed ballot measure for splitting California into six separate states.

Draper’s proposal calls for the state of Jefferson in the north, with North California south of it. The Bay Area and Monterey County would form the state of Silicon Valley, with everything to its east, as well as Kern County, becoming Central California. South California would consist of San Diego, Imperial, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

“Something is not working in our sate, and I’m convinced it’s with our existing system,” Draper said. “It’s untenable and ungovernable.”

The tech industry is over-regulated, and secessionism is popular in Silicon Valley, Draper said.

“Here in Silicon Valley, people feel the state is out of touch,” he said.

Draper needs 1 million more signatures away to get his proposal on the ballot.


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I really like the idea of splitting CA into several states — just not the ones that are proposed here. Carve out the Bay Area and the greater L.A. area and make them their own states. That way they can create their own socialist workers paradises. And leave the rest of us alone to prosper.