Woman struck by Capps’ aid is dead

December 12, 2013
Mallory Dies

Mallory Dies

The Santa Barbara women struck by an alleged DUI driver died Wednesday from injuries she suffered more than five days earlier.

The family of Mallory Rae Dies, 27, had life support turned off and Dies was pronounced dead at 3:15 p.m.

Shortly afterwards, the Santa Barbara District Attorney refilled charges against Raymond Victor Morua who is now accused of murder. He faces 15 years to life in prison.

Morua, 32, left a holiday party, allegedly struck Dies, drove away and crashed into a palm tree. Morua had a blood alcohol level of .17 at the scene of his arrest.

Morua had two previous DUI arrests, a conviction for grand theft by embezzlement and a prior hit and run.

On Monday, Rep. Lois Capps fired Morua from his job as her district representative.

“This senseless and avoidable tragedy is one that all of us in the Santa Barbara community will struggle with for a long time,” Capps said in a statement released Wednesday. “I know firsthand what it feels like to lose a child. That anguish is something that no parent should face.

“My prayers are with her parents and all those who mourn today. I wish her, her family, and her friends’ peace.”


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Clearly another case of “afluenza!”

We all have to take some responsibility for the folks we hire… hopefully we due enough due diligence to ensure that major flaws are screened out. However, just on first blush, it looks like his benefit to the campaign outweighed his short comings.

The next issue is for those hiring to see the problem and address it… which seemed to happen here both with law enforcement and with his employer.

We all have to take some responsibility for the folks we hire…

O.k. Roger that is a pretty general statement. At what point do we start and stop. If you are saying we have to take responsibility while that person is on the clock for us, then I would most likely agree. But what about after hours? Are we (I am an employer also but no current employees) to be responsible for what they do after hours?