Abuse of authority claims filed against San Luis Obispo

January 7, 2014
Cory Pierce

Cory Pierce

The San Luis Obispo City Council will discuss two abuse of authority claims lodged by victims of former rogue police officer Cory Pierce at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

In February, FBI agents arrested Pierce after an undercover investigation revealed Pierce stole drugs from the evidence locker, held guns on his victims while stealing drugs under the color of authority and then bribed others to sell the drugs. In December, a judge sentenced Pierce to 18 months in federal prison.

Kip Holland told officials Pierce manipulated him and his girlfriend April Stewart, who both filed claims, into selling or trading drugs for the officer which they did on about 80 occasions.

According to the federal attorney’s office in Los Angeles, Pierce also told Holland that he could work off a heroin charge if he cooperated. Pierce would provide the couple placebo pain pills to trade for real pain pills or drugs used for heroin addiction.

After Holland told Pierce the drug dealer he had deceived wanted revenge, Pierce said he would “take care of it,” a federal attorney’s office press release said. The couple eventually took their concerns to law enforcement.

Attorney Stephen Dunkle of Sanger Swysen and Dunkle in Santa Barbara filed the claims for both Holland and Stewart for an unlimited amount of money. If the council denies the claims, Dunckle can then file a lawsuit.


Old Salt

jrstonesays: 01/07/2014 at 1:26 pm Rouge-cop? How ’bout a rouge-system?!

Yep, a system that rehires a guy like Cal Fire FIGHTER John Ryan Mason who beat a

man half to death and the City Council and Cal Fire Chief gives him his job back because it was the least costly road to take.


Cory Pierce may still have to take the stand in the doobie dozen lawsuits also. IMHO he and the rest of the Narcs are corrupt and have no respect for human rights.

Old Salt

John Ryan Mason is a ROUGE Coward Cal Fire-FIGHTER who was rehired…!!!


Abuse of authority is clearly a common thread by which our public fabric is woven. From firemen to supervisors, to police chiefs, administrators, and those in between, our public trust has been severely compromised by those who feel they are above the law.


Rouge-cop? How ’bout a rouge-system?! A system that gives a former law enforcement officer ONLY 18 months for his crimes? Well, that’s rouge! Damn rouge!

Any law enforcement official , from a traffic cop to a judge, convicted of a crime should get the maximum sentence allowed by law, period! Especially if it is committed while on the job and/or under the color of authority.

There should be dire consequences for any person entrusted to “protect and serve”, enough so that it would cause that person to pause to consider her or his act(s). And, enough to instill some of the lost trust we have for our law enforcement agencies, if that’s even possible.

I have a child and for the life of me I cannot with good conscious tell him to turn to a cop if he needs help, there is just too much distrust there for me to go that way. A cop would be a second choice, right behind a fireman or fire department. Sad, huh?

Bye-the-way; under California sentencing laws this officer would have gotten 8 years for the robbery (due to the use of a gun and under the color of authority), 4 years for the bribery conviction (again because he using his color of authority, and also he is a public employee) and somewhere between 3 to 6 years for the theft of evidence. So, even with him only doing half of those years in California prison he would still be doing 7.5 to 9 years and then be on parole for 5 year when he is paroled. With the Feds’? He does 85% of his sentence, or about 15 months, AND, he does a max’ of one year of “supervised release” afterwords (from what I’ve read). So? He got a gift from the Fed’s when they chose to prosecute rather then California doing so.

Double standards? You betcha!!!

Just sayin’…

Old Salt

Should have gotten at least 5 years…



rogue (rōg)

n. An unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal.

n. One who is playfully mischievous; a scamp.

n. A wandering beggar; a vagrant.

rouge (ro͞ozh)

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Just think of a rogue (scoundrel) in Baton Rouge (red stick). Or a Red Bandit – the Rouge Rogue!


Sorry! Now I’m rouge in the face…

Just sayin’…


With liberty and justice for some . . . This is sadly what the US “justice” system has come to: those privileged ones who get away with things, or at worst get a wrist slap, and those less high on the social scale locked up and the key thrown away. That’s how they play it at SLO city hall, too, with homeowners getting slapped with bogus citations for creating “blight” while the city council’s pet developers, the Copelands, get to board up a whole block of Monterey Street for year after year (and also get to avoid doing costly seismic retrofits on their properties like everybody else has to do), which is creating REAL BLIGHT right in the heart of town, right across the street from the Mission.


A “rouge cop”? Was he wearing blusher? Does he have red hair? What does it mean to be a “rouge cop”?

Sounds more like a rogue cop–and a jerk if the report is true.

Sojourner of Truth

I don’t think this is a rouge cop, I think this is very common police behavior, and I think they get away with it most of the time. Is anyone being held accountable for this cops bad behavior? Is the police chief or captain being held accountable? The bummer is that the tax payer will be responsible for this behavior. Any repercussions for his superiors?


This why this site needs an edit option.


Yowzer. The old saying goes “The fish rots from the head first.” The “rogue cop” didn’t operate in a vacuum, and LE agencies can be very gossipy. So I doubt Pierce’s behavior was unknown in the department.

If they were serious about stopping such behavior, they would have followed the problem up the chain of command.


Disgraced police employee Pierce makes all cops rouge in the face…


Gotta wonder how much this disaster will cost tax payers. So per the articles in the press: We have had two officers busted and convicted of importing illegal contraband into the US. Officer Pierce has a long standing history of abuse. An employee busted for cultivating pot on City property. Several idiot employees were directed to dump hazardous waste on City property and did it. Another idiot employee went postal on other City employees for religious reasons on face book. A idiot Public Works inspector outed for misappropriating City assets for personal gain. Yet another Utilities idiot caught charging unsuspecting residents for services he was paid to perform as part of his job. Several employees fraudulently securing free health care and child care for their children at tax payers expense. A building official called on the mat for making racial comments and eliciting gratuities from local consultants and contractors. An incompetent city attorney promoting the abuse of the homeless all under the direction and watch of Litchig, Irons and Dietrick. So when is enough people? Maybe when we start having professional hit squads will people wake up and realize that our council is utterly incompetent.


Tax payers be damned, Mr. hijinks2! That’s the solid opinion of 99% of those we elect into office and a large part of that are hired to service communities as public employees.

The vast majority who seek public office don’t do it to represent us, the tax payers, they do so to gain power and influence. They do this to further their own agenda and ideals along with the agenda and ideals of those that they can benefit from after they leave office.

You have federal, state, county and city employees who only do what they do for the high pay, great benefits and retirements packages; soon forgetting after hire that their first duty is to service the community (this is why that I have a high degree of skepticism towards public unions).

But more than anything else I think the prevalence of these type of acts are due in large part to a low standard of accountability; these people have learned from past perpetrators that the benefits from these type of illicit acts are far greater then any punishment they may get if caught.

These people should be held to higher degree of accountability. They should know their illicit activities will be prosecuted and if found guilty that their position of public trust will ensure them only the maximum sentence and not mitigating circumstances.

We should also call on their unions to back higher accountability! They, the unions, are always calling on us, the community, to back them with issues of higher pay, better benefits and better retirement packages for their members, right? Always siting their members absolute necessity to the community as the main reason for those increases. So, now lets demand from them, the unions, and their members too, to lobby for higher standards of accountability for those members who violate the law and the public trust.

Gotta get off my soap box! Boomer and I need to go for a walk…

Just sayin’….


Hijinks2, you forgot about “Ryan 1 – 2 knockout Mason.” I think the new uniform at the City of San Luis Obispo should be bright orange jump suits with employee ID numbers across the front and back. Is this just an organization of crooks or what? Great leadership Litchig, Cordon, David, Johnson, Gezzel, absolutely great leadership!!!!!!!