Two men arrested for stealing SLO firefighting equipment

January 7, 2014
140106013 Media Release Update

Esteban Mota

San Luis Obispo police arrested two men Monday for stealing firefighting equipment from a fireman’s car.

Around 7:48 a.m., police received a report of theft of San Luis Obispo Fire Department equipment from a firefighter’s car parked in the downtown area. The stolen equipment included firefighting clothing and accessories.

Several hours later, fire department personnel spotted the suspects riding their bikes with the stolen equipment. Officers then located Esteban Mota, 26, and Casey Cerro, 27, at Goodwill on Industrial Way.

Casey Cerro

Casey Cerro

Police determined that Mota and Cerro were also in possession of tools stolen from a vehicle near the Amtrak Train Station.

Officers arrested the suspects on two counts each of possession of stolen property. Cerro also received charges of possession of burglary tools and possession of drug paraphernalia.


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Picture these two guys riding down industrial way dressed in firemens jackets, helmets and a 30 foot hose stretched between their bikes. now that doesn’t look suspicious!

The officers then located the thieves at Goodwill? Don’t tell me they were trying to sell them to Goodwill.

No, they were not trying to sell the stuff to Goodwill; Goodwill only takes donations, they do not buy merchandise. The suspects were located in the Goodwill outlet store, “shopping” …

I am aware that Goodwill doesn’t buy stuff, but it seems like it is such a bonehead idea to steal something as noticeable as fire-fighting equipment, I just wondered if they were not aware of Goodwill’s policies.

My next “wondering”…how did they gain access to the equipment if it was inside the firefighter’s vehicle?