Los Osos woman killed in car crash

January 7, 2014

CHP@A 44-year-old Los Osos woman died Sunday evening in a single vehicle crash near Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort on Avila Beach Drive.

Shortly after midnight, the unnamed woman’s 1985 Chevrolet pickup left the road, struck a small tree, traveled down an embankment and knocked down a telephone pole before crashing into a large tree.

Fire department personnel used the jaws of life to extract the women from her truck . She was transported to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and then to Fresno Community Hospital where she died from her injuries.

According to the California Highway Patrol, it is not yet know if speed or alcohol played a factor in the crash. Anyone with information about the collision is asked to contact the CHP at (805) 593-3300.



This article begs an immediate question: Are our local hospitals unprepared to give best level of care to trauma victims? This woman had to undergo the trauma of transportation because better care was available out of county? In FRESNO ?

I realize we have some of the poorest county resources here, we re-hire a beater like firefighter Mason, one of our Supervisors is adulterously nailing his subordinate, and the Cory Pierce officer/drug thing and Karen Velie grandchildren things are frightening abuses of governmental power, but AT LEAST I thought we had good basic hospital trauma care.

P.S. My condolences to the family. My comments which are second-guessing our local trauma care system are not meant to increase your pain of your loss. Peace.


It is not unusual for people to have to be transported to hospitals outside of our county. And it is not just our county that follows this practice. If a hospital doesn’t have the expertise or facilities capable of taking care of a specific problem, and it is judged by staff that the patient has a greater likelihood of surviving if they are transferred to hospital which specializes in that problem, then that is what they do.

Children who are seriously injured or ill often require transfer to other facilities outside of our county.

In the case discussed in this article, SV probably stabilized her there then sent her on to a hospital with a higher level of trauma care.