Body found after plane crashes off Oceano

January 15, 2014

oceanoA small plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean near Oceano on Tuesday afternoon killing at least one person.

Shortly after 2 a.m., witnesses reported what sounded like an explosion and an aircraft going down. A team of emergency responders from seven state and local agencies participated in the search and rescue operation.

At about 2:40 p.m., Rescuers discovered an oil slick about a mile off shore in an area where the water is about 70 feet deep. Responders also discovered debris from the plane, one body and a wallet on Tuesday.

After it became dark, the operation was switched from rescue to recovery. The plane wreckage has not been found.

Officials are unsure where the plane came from. They are continuing to investigate the crash and search for the wreckage.


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According to the ‘San Juan Islander’, Casey was a flight instructor and was an airline pilot.

He owned two aircraft, a Morrisey 2150 N-Number 5102V and an RV-3 N-Number 789R (partnership).

If he left Oceano Airport, it is possible that the web cams (2) may have shown one of these aircraft departing around 2:00 PM.

Both of said aircraft have fixed non-retractable landing gear which is tuff to land in water and waves without flipping.