Higuera tabbed as one of America’s best main streets

January 15, 2014

SLO FMPopular travel publisher Fodor’s named Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo one of the best main streets in America.

Fodor’s included Higuera in an online list of the top 15 main streets in the U.S. It described San Luis Obispo as a city with rich history and a lively downtown area and recommended attending Farmers’ Market.

“The main thoroughfare, Higuera Street, features quaint indoor plazas that border a rippling creek, and nearby Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa hosts some of the town’s most popular festivals,” Fodor’s wrote.

The Fodor’s list included streets in Charleston, South Carolina, Ann Arbor, Michigan and Key West, Florida.


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How droll … they promote the buildings and the background.

They never mention the scores of stuck-up phonies and snobs that proliferate. Nor do they mention the loud, obnoxious, and often drunk “students”.

They neglect to observe all of the zombie drones only focused on their electronic geegaws that are seemingly surgically attached to their bodies.

And of course, no mention of the invisible dispossessed, homeless, underclass. They don’t exist in a travel brochure.

OK … 5 to zip.

You five …if you are still out there and listening: EXPLAIN why you agree with what I posted.

America is SICK ..actually dying in a death spiral of indifference and mindless consumerism.

Yet, YOU have the cure !

TELL the world ! It won’t hurt. Unburden yourselves. Let yourselves FREE !

The supposed ‘happiest place in America’ is a charade,…a fraud …a pretension.

Tell us why.

With such a class of characters which you describe, it is undeniably “vibrant”, which I think is what they are looking mostly at. They certainly have all types downtown, for better or worse.

Go downtown in the evenings on any day of the week, besides Thursday. It is so busy that it looks like Christmas Holidays year round-much more so than a few years ago!!