Brown’s drought emergency significant to farmers

January 17, 2014

farm workersGov. Jerry Brown is slated to declare a drought emergency today which could lead to the reallocation of water from seasonal crops to permanent crops. [CNBC]

Brown’s declaration means that crops such as avocado trees would have priority over crops such as lettuce and tomatoes. It is expected that prices for salads and spaghetti will increase.

After two dry years, California is experiencing its driest winter on record because of a stubborn high pressure system off of the West Coast which is nearly four miles high and 2,000 miles long. And it is not budging.

Meat prices are also increasing as ranchers thin their herds because the low rainfall has decimated grazing lands. During this time of year, their lands are usually covered in lush green grass.

California’s $45 billion farm economy is the largest in the nation.


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I wonder if the VINEYARDS will have their water rationed? They will suck the ground water dry.

Note to Paso: the thousand or so sprinklers just installed to water the thousand or so new plants on Riverside from 13th to 17th Street, use a ton of water every day! What happened to Water Wise Landscaping you try to ram down our throats. Another Jim App “Does not apply to me” moment?

The entire “uptown plan” with new plantings and new trees will sharply increase our water usage. Our city officials are not smart enough to understand that just using drip systems and some drought tolerant plants will not keep us from greatly increasing the water consumption. Are they actually using sprinklers instead of drip systems on Riverside?

Either that, or they simply don’t care about the drought. Notice that they want residents to desert scape their lawns, but don’t use desert scaping for public buildings, or for their own residences. One former public official planted 30 thirsty redwood trees in her yard in town, then bragged about it in a “new home” story to the Tribune.

The Hebrew God of the Christian community has as much control over natural phenomena today as He did in the biblical era. As an example of great magnitude, He flooded the entire world and killed His creation of men and women, innocent fetus’ and babies, animals, etc., just because He was upset with them. Beware, this loving and ever forgiving Hebrew God can do it again!

In His omnipotence He can stop the elemental forces in our modern world, like in this case, NO RAIN FOR CALIFORNIA!

What many Christians forget is that the Hebrew God’s will to let it rain in California comes with a condition: “If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them” (Leviticus 26:3). This command is what many Christians want to ignore, and subjectively and additionally, I blame it on the Catholics because of their noteworthy bad press of late, and the JW’s with their pedophile coverups, and other factors that California does to anger the Hebrew God!

Obedience to God is prerequisite to receiving the blessings of favorable weather and environmental conditions, according to passages like Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28. On the other hand, disobey this Hebrew God, and He says, “I will make your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass: And your strength shall be spent in vain: for your land shall not yield her increase, neither shall the trees of the land yield their fruits” (Leviticus 26:19-20).

Job 38:28 reveals specifically that the Hebrew God as the father of rain! He is able to command storm clouds to serve His purposes! (Job 37:11-13). Yes, sometimes God bathes the earth with gentle rain to show His loving concern and mercy—and other times God uses the weather to correct His people! Deducing it to it’s irreducible primary, California is in a “correction period” with the Hebrew God!

Amen! Brother Slanders.

So…. what was the cause of the dust bowl in the 1930’s? All those sinful people in the bible belt?

The Bible is a book full of valuable lessons for living ones life, but taken as a whole and applied in its entirety in our daily life it can easily be used by people to subjugate their fellow man.

And yet, the city of Paso is pushing fast to add some 14,000 or more residents by building new housing developments–Beechwood, Olson, Chandler Ranch, River Oaks II, and the three hotel, vineyard, and residential development by the Target Center.

When will the County address this issue? All of the water from Nacimiento will have to be mixed half and half with ground water from the endangered basin area. That means more ground water pumping to supply these housing developments. Are new residents more important than food crops and beef?

Will the state of California have to step in to stop greedy Paso from taking all the ground water in the North County during this drought and ever after?

The State of California would scarcely “step in,” and jeopardize our tenuous “economic

recovery,” by throwing the construction industry and its related businesses into a total

crash. Its all about “GROWTH, GROWTH, GROWTH.”

And that is going to be our undoing. There are already way more people in California than the water supply can support. There may be some help on the horizon for those of us who live at the coast, though. A new breakthrough in desalination technology promises to cut the costs of the process radically.

At least we aren’t to the point of building Ghost Cities like China has to. Sure, we will probably get there one day, but not for a while.