Cal Poly puts all fraternities and sororities on probation

January 14, 2014

calpoly greekCal Poly administrators placed all fraternities and sororities at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo on social probation Friday after the students and the administrators failed to come to agreement about off-campus party requirements.

Under the proposed agreement, parties would have to end by midnight, a guest list would need to be turned into the university 24 hours before an event and then a final attendee list due the following Monday. The lengthy proposed policy also prohibits drinking games and limits how much liquor a student could bring to a party.

Opponents of the proposal find it restrictive and cumbersome. Several Greek leaders believe that Cal Poly administrators are attempting to derail the Greek system at Cal Poly.

Negotiations over the proposed party registration policy are continuing this week. While under social probation, university sororities and fraternities are prohibited from hosting any events.

In 2010, a couple years after the alcohol poisoning death of Cal Poly freshman Carson Starkey, the university banned first-year student recruitment. Fraternity groups argued against the ban and administrators said they would drop it if the Greeks agreed to register off campus parties.



Cal poly continually ‘steps in it.’ It doesn’t matter if it is infringing on ‘free speech’, attempting to remove ‘honors programs’ or just being an all around bad guy… Cal poly seems to be the training ground for future nasties.

Is it just a rumor… or is it true that all of the Honors societies for students that achieve remarkable grades have had to leave Cal Poly since the rule is that they must ‘accept everybody?” I hear this is the brain child of the new provost… It is interesting to me that the top honor society “Phi Beta Kappa” won’t consider Cal poly… partially due to the fact that only a few faculty are members… so much for ‘Best in the West’ PR babble.

The march into mediocrity seems to be unabated.

BTW… I would recommend that the fraternities and sororities contact:

and if you want to see a small history of Cal Poly’s missteps and how FIRE crushed them… check this out:

As the Cal poly fight song says… let the administration “Cut a Rusty”!!! ( it doesn’t mean what the administration says it does! ) ;)

Kevin Rice

I can already see how this is going to FAIL:

Dear President– the following guests attended our Pi Alpha Nu event:

Mike Hunt

Anita Lay

Ben Dover

Buck Nekkid

Clint Toris

Dick Bush

Dick Zucker

Eric Chin

Fonda Dix

Hugh Janus

Ivanna Ryder

Jenny Tulwarts

Louis Tool

Manny Kanblo

Randy Peter

Seymore Butts

Willie Focker

Naz Ti Ho

Won Hung Lo

I-jeet Ma`drawrs


“Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”


Surprise! Another dumb idea from our academic “elites” that we give so much credit to.

Yeah, those guys.


What’s dumb about it? You must not live in SLO. Putting a lid on frat parties sounds pretty good to us.


What part of “Adult” doesn’t Cal Poly get?

Kevin Rice

The part where Cal Poly acts like one.


They get the part where affiliated student groups fail to act like adults. Whether this is the right solution or not is certainly debatable.


Adults act like CP students act all the time.


Why must a fraternity or sorority be directly associated to a university to begin with? They are off campus, they can call themselves what ever they want and do what ever they want.


This is a really good question!! I can speculate on a couple of possibilities.

The frats and sororities would find it more difficult (but not impossible) to recruit new members if they didn’t have approved access to the university grounds as a group.

The university probably stands to lose a notable amount of alumni support if it separates itself from the “Greeks.” My guess is that CPSU has decided that this loss is not significant enough to overcome the potential liability if they fail to adequately control groups affiliated with them.

I personally think they should just cut the ties rather than trying to impose a bureaucratic regime upon students’ behavior off-campus. While I think the liability system in this country

fails when it tries to draw in everyone associated with every idiot who does something harmful, the reality is otherwise.


Because then the university would not have long-established elitist campus groups, which is basically what fraternities and sororities are.


Well, clearly nobody wants to see more deaths, but these measures seem poorly conceived and this negotiation seems to have devolved into intimidation by the university.

Even after the last two presidents, this still is a free country. These rules are not workable.

I suggest that the Greek system at Poly endeavor to become a role model for education and good party behaviors nationwide. Respond to the loss of life by setting a new standard. Define your goals and plan and the university bone heads will back off.


Students may be adults legally but significant numbers of them lack the maturity or self-discipline to act like adults. Should Cal Poly try to act “in loco parentis?” Probably not. But they do probably need to cut the ties to any organizations that tolerate and/or encourage dangerous and disruptive behaviors in the community.

Mitch C

The attendee list appears a big overreach. Many years ago I attended Poly after my return from Viet Nam. The apartment complex I lived in had many married students. Frequently e would have a “taco party” … since all of us were broke each couple would bring some of the fixings for tacos (sharing the cost). About six to ten couples would be in attendance. I cannot imagine having to submit an attendee list to the University 24 hours before one of our impromptu gatherings. If Poly Admin requires this of one group it must require it of all groups … can you imagine everytime someone had a party that they would have to inform the university who was projected to come and then chase everyone home at midnight (this would work expecially well on New Years Eve).


Your logic’s off. Cal Poly administers the “Greek” system — it’s got university connections. Your apartment parties didn’t. Two totally different things. The “Greeks” benefit from the university sponsorship — it gives them legitimacy, and allows them to recruit on campus during school hours, among other things. It sounds like the university is simply asking for something in return — honorable behavior. If you’ve followed this, the “Greeks” this year have been pretty obnoxious in their relations with the university, even to the point of lying about the Colonial Bros and Nava Hoes business. Basically, the admin is saying: We’ve had enough. Act like adults, or we’ll cut you loose, and you’ll lose your university-sponsored advantages. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.


I agree except that I don’t think imposing bureaucratic requirements is a wise option. Just cut the ties entirely to any group that fails to display a reasonable amount of maturity by engaging in behaviors that endanger or disrupt the surrounding community.


I think teaching our young students about government overreach and control is one thing that they should become experts in. Giving them them the tools to navigate big government control and regulations will give them the most bang for their tuition buck.

Sarah Bellum

Considering how many of these are architecture and engineering students, then yes, teaching them about government regulation, especially the building, plumbing, and electrical codes, would be a worthwhile use of class time.