Cal Poly puts all fraternities and sororities on probation

January 14, 2014

calpoly greekCal Poly administrators placed all fraternities and sororities at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo on social probation Friday after the students and the administrators failed to come to agreement about off-campus party requirements.

Under the proposed agreement, parties would have to end by midnight, a guest list would need to be turned into the university 24 hours before an event and then a final attendee list due the following Monday. The lengthy proposed policy also prohibits drinking games and limits how much liquor a student could bring to a party.

Opponents of the proposal find it restrictive and cumbersome. Several Greek leaders believe that Cal Poly administrators are attempting to derail the Greek system at Cal Poly.

Negotiations over the proposed party registration policy are continuing this week. While under social probation, university sororities and fraternities are prohibited from hosting any events.

In 2010, a couple years after the alcohol poisoning death of Cal Poly freshman Carson Starkey, the university banned first-year student recruitment. Fraternity groups argued against the ban and administrators said they would drop it if the Greeks agreed to register off campus parties.



Control, control, control!!! Yup, the students are not drinking the kool aide this time…

Ted Slanders


Yep, the students at Cal Poly that don’t like the new party rules can drink their Kool Aide while looking for another college. That will show the Cal Poly Administration, you bet!

Whats the recent waiting list at Cal Poly? Oh yeah, this past year the university had more than 20,000 more applicants than there were seats available.

Therefore, I am confident that the ones that don’t like the new off campus party rules can show their disgust by leaving, which will open up spaces for students that would probably agree to the new rules just to be at Cal Poly. Everybody wins!


Brother Ted, moving on and not standing up for yourself is not the way intelligent students should solve this problem. You sound like you gave up the bible and more like a politicians, “this is equality for all”. Stand up for yourselves students, don’t rollover and give up more rights for the few stupid in the mix. People, these are students, bright and ready to solve the issues of the future. Not everything can be controlled, monitored and regulated without actions, some good and some bad, reactions. I am so sick of a controlled environment. Pretty soon we will be taxed on the number of breathes we inhale and exhale, too many or not enough. Stop all this s*#h! NO ONE should be asked to move on because they are standing up for their rights. Intimidation is not the solution………………


We don’t need parents any more we need more government rules and regulations…not! If kids misbehave, expel them. Otherwise get back to educating and stop trying to control social behavior of the kids!

Ted Slanders


Would you consider local government controlling the kids social behavior with rules and regulations like them getting a DUI, or a drunk and disorderly arrest?

Seemingly, the new rules regarding the off campus drinking parties is to “try” and save them from the above mentioned entities, barring the saving of their lives as well by drinking and driving. Or, maybe even your life under this situation!

If all parents could follow your example, then this Nirvana state would be preferable, but this proposition falls short because responsibilities, ethical and moral examples, are not taught by all parents to the fullest extent.

Albeit, you wouldn’t mind if a fraternity moved next door to you so the kids could have free reign with their “social behavior” that you mention, and by them partying loudly in a drunken stupor all night. Yes?


All this is going to do is make it a little harder for our fascists-in-the making to network with other fascists-in-the making – I’m sure they will find a way around it, or their parents will do it for them.

Ted Slanders

Being stupid and endangering the lives of others, and their own, disturbing the peace, and heavy drinking to the point of passing out, as if this is to be held in high esteem by some, is a part of being young within the college life.

But, the Cal Poly administration makes the rules because of the disturbing history relating to off campus parties, and it seems that if particular students don’t like said rules, they can go to another college. Simple enough?

Do I dare ask; what is the “Greek System?” (*cough*)


The “Greek System” is a term used to refer to the aggregate of Greek letter fraternities and sororities that have established charters, i.e. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is an old fraternity found on many, many College and University Campuses throughout the country. It is often associated with engineering students, Tau Kappa Epsilon, (mine), is over a century old fraternity found

predominantly on Southern campuses. There are dozens more.


>>>>> WHOOSH>>>>>

(I think that Ted’s last question had some “inuendo” in it.)


But non-calpoly-student adults do the same behavior all the time.

The only reason it is such a problem at CPSU is because there are so many students who do these behaviors concentrated in one small geographic area.


Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be brief. The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules, or took a few liberties with our female party guests – we did.

But you can’t hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few, sick twisted individuals. For if you do, then shouldn’t we blame the whole fraternity system? And if the whole fraternity system is guilty, then isn’t this an indictment of our educational institutions in general? I put it to you, isn’t this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do whatever you want to us, but we’re not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America. Gentlemen!

Randy Sheila

Take the alcohol out of the equation and it becomes an entirely new game. Perhaps the traditional college party and recreating student are about to evolve. What else would (ultimately) change? Are other interests besides those of the students at stake?


Dean Wormer dropped the big one.


I am so glad,I got to enjoy Poly back in the 80’s. These restrictions are a bunch of control crap that really won’t accomplish much. We used to have a buddy who bought a keg every Friday. He lived on the street between Foothill and California right next to Poly. Profs would come by and even have a beer or two from the devil keg. Also miss those great parties on the hill put on by Delta Tau. Does the administration actually think we studied 24/7? Sorry, but drinking is part of college life for many of us. Yes, I was the one who peed on the doorstep of the bent out of shape administrator. Jk


Make that Foothill and Grand. Oops, too many beers.

Randy Sheila

TG’s at DT


I too was a party person for a couple of years during college. However, I never understood the whole emphasis on fraternities and sororities. Are pledges so insecure that they are willing to tolerate the kind of abuse inherent in many of them to gain social acceptance? Are they for people who want to feel part of an “elite” group without having to earn respect in more responsible ways? Are some of them willing to tolerate the initial abuse for the “right” to engage in administering it in the future? (Closet sadists/Fascists?)


At least they weren’t put on “double secret probation”.

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