CalCoastNews wishes you a happy new year

January 1, 2014

fireworksIt’s time to say goodbye to 2013 and to wish our readers, supporters, contributors, and advertisers Happy New Year 2014.

It was a great year for news reporting and we managed to produce more than 1500 news articles in 2013. Those articles resulted in more than 4 million views.

We are thankful to our advertisers and our readers who support them. In addition, we thank the supporters who rallied to bring the grandchildren of CCN publisher Karen Velie home. The children are now back with their family.

We hope to get off to a great start in 2014 with more coverage of popular events and more investigative reports. Several days ago, we launched the CalCoastNews store where you can support CCN by purchasing T-shirts. In the near future, we plan to offer items from local farmers and product producers including skin care items and holistic health products.

Once again, the CalCoastNews’ team thanks you for your support and we promise to work even harder to bring you great coverage in 2014.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. We wish you peace, success, and happiness.


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What services is CWS offering to this family to support reunification???

This is what they claim to do… offer services, so what and were are they?

The very best to the CCN team in the upcoming year. I will improve my spelling, work on my humor and maybe retire. I did say maybe….

I 100% completely believe that CWS is making it as difficult as possible on this family!!! I can further understand Karen’s position, until they close the case. The case has not closed why??? WARNING red flag. Be very CAUTIOUS!!!! Either they have met the petition (open case) or not….

CPS is keeping it opened and this should make you stop and think…

CPS is now allotted more time (but of coarse,claiming they are following the case plan) to further allege ridiculous allegations-anything to substantiate their case.

Anyone who has had the unfortunate (first hand experience) knows this is how they play their game. Keep a careful watch. Until this case is closed.

Karen and her family from my understanding have a substantial amount of support.

I am a stranger, but have a common thread, I have gone before, so I speak from personal experience.

It is unbelievable, CPS, a living nightmare until they are out of your life. Many others families have been impacted by the system. You are not alone and Karen you will get through this.

Do the CCN t-shirts have targets screened on the back, or will the wearers have to do that themselves?

(Best of wishes for a prosperous 2014 for Karen, Dan and the rest.)

I am so grateful to hear that Karen’s grandchildren are now home with family!

What a blessing+

Has CPS/CWS closed the case???

It is good to hear your family is together again, best wishes to all

What a wonderful way for the Velie family to be reunited and start the healing process. Best wishes to all of you in 2014!

I am delighted to learn that the Velie family is reunited. Happy New Year!

Five people in my community actually believe it would better that the family be apart? Wow.

Don’t fret, Scarlet. One of the 5 is likely a certain county supervisor, the other is probably Aaron Ochs and the other three are the trolls paid to “dislike” anything about Karen on this site. Happy New Year.

I don’t know about that, Scarlet, but I think a lot of people are unhappy with the way Dave Congalton jumped on the “I hate CPS!” bandwagon, knowing that CPS could not defend themselves because of confidentiality concerns. Sometimes, the whole business of stirring up outrage and anger isn’t worth the “page views” that are sold to advertisers.

“CPS could not defend themselves” Discuss cases no, discuss standards, procedures and requirements they sure can. Unless ordered not to for some reason?

“the whole business of stirring up outrage and anger”

That explains what you are doing here, a little after lunch, counter spin?

Um….when did I jump on the “I Hate CPS!” bandwagon????? I challenge to listen to any of the podcasts from my show at and pinpoint these supposed broad attacks I made. I supported Karen’s attempt to reunify with her grandchildren. I suggested these were children heading for adoption. I backed up my assertions about what is happening in this field by referring to articles in The New Yorker, the Los Angeles, and a 2006 cover story from NEW TIMES where they basically proved everything Karen was claiming. I don’t hate CPS–they often provide a valuable service, but nor do they get a free pass when they screw up. Believe me, there’s much more of this story to tell–and it will be told.

Would that “lot of people” unhappy with Dave be your fellow government employees? Just a hunch.