Giant waves headed to the Central Coast

January 23, 2014

wave1A storm system over the central Pacific will send waves of up to 19 feet to the Central Coast Thursday night, peaking Friday afternoon. [LATimes]

From Thursday at 6 p.m. until Sunday afternoon, a high surf advisory issued by the weather service will be in effect. Forecasters warn of strong rip currents, waves capable of washing people into the sea from rocks and possible beach erosion.

A huge storm surge that already produced waves up to 50 feet tall in Hawaii on Wednesday is headed towards California.


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Maverick’s anyone?!

Just sayin’…

As a matter of fact, they just announced earlier today that they sent out in last couple days that they are doing a competition tomorrow (Friday). It usually is a last minute thing with Maverick’s.

Wish I could go and watch.

Been there (only to watch)! Good God! I surfed for over 20 years, dropped in on a few 20’+ faces, surfed the Wedge in Newport (yep! got upright and then bailed, quickly to the left) but I would never, ever, put even my toe in that part of the water on one of these upcoming days! Their just frickin’ MASSIVE! Scary! Gotta have a large set, I must say… (doin’ my “Ed Grimley” impression)

Just sayin’…

Oh! The Wedge…I spent a good part of my youth body surfing the wedge. There is nothing quite like it. A south swell paradise that produces a rush not quite like anything else…hyper adrenaline, combined with 20 ft faces and 3 feet between you and the sand… awesome…totally awesome!

I too body surfed the wedge in my youth. I caught this one huge wave that took me over the jetty and I landed in Corona del Mar. True story, around 1965 I think. Well, maybe it never happened, but it could have

Wow! You must have grown up in the sixties, cause you can’t remember that going over the jetty would have put you in the Newport Bay harbor entrance and not Corona Del Mar…unless of course you were tossed over both jetties and the inlet.

Of course ANYTHING was possible back then…

Actually, the southern swell typically reflects off the jetty because of its design and forms a peak as it joins adjacent waves and retreating waves.thus the great shore break.

Back in the day, there was no guard tower at the Wedge as there is today. Despite that fact, anyone who knew how dangerous the Wedge could be, did not dare venture into the surf without at least one fin, preferably two (Duck Feet back then) On big days the lifeguard boat would sit outside the swells waiting for the inevitable rescue of someone caught in a rip current that would quickly suck you out most often very close to the jetty.

Good times.

That was my exaggerated point, the wave was to high(rogue wave) that it totally cleared the harbor and landed me with the tourist at CDM. The 60’s were great in OC, I was having a good time until Uncle Sam came calling.

Yup, Vietnam seemed to change everything.

Back in my time in that area, during “big days” at the Wedge, you could find a guy sitting in his wheelchair up at the end of East Ocean Front and at Jetty View Park watching the “sand eaters” rollin’ up on the beach for hours. I never talked with the guy because he actually looked pained watching the action. Someone once told me he and a close friend of his were out one huge day, both caught some monster and got caught in the “wedge” (if you’ve been there you’ll know what I’m refrering to), he was spit into the rocks of the jetty and his friend was spit over the jetty and into the harbor entrance; he lived, his friend didn’t… Such are the legends of “The Wedge”

Just sayin’…

Dude, it all happened in Newport in the day… or could have ;O

Agreed only professionals but I love to watch the professionals. Would be great to go as you will only see some of the best of the best.