Illegals living in the United States should not practice law

January 15, 2014
Matt Kokkonen

Matt Kokkonen


California Supreme Court decided that a person living in California illegally can get a law license to practice law. This demonstrates the peak of irrationality and is pure idiocy.

It flies against common sense. It is contradictory. It is an insult to all law abiding Americans. It is a slap in the face to all immigrants who waited their turn, played by the rules and entered the United States lawfully. It breaks down society’s understanding of law, standards, meaning, values, reason, natural order and being.

An illegal arguing for legality in a court of law? Let’s get real. An officer of the court who revels in his illegality in court! Does this show his good moral character? And California’s highest court condones this? How stupid we have become!

This decision highlights two societal problems: re-defining words in order to justify a political end, and making public policy based on feelings, not truth and rationality. The lawyer in question claimed he had a life-long dream of practicing law in California. That is admirable. We support dreams and achievement. We can feel empathy for a person and his situation. However, why should our basic laws be changed to reward illegal activities?

Just wait, the next case will involve another illegal U.S. entrant whose dream is to become president of the United States. With this logic, why not? Actually, some believe this too has already happened. Constitution be damned since it is only an old piece of paper.

America welcomes legal immigrants.

Matt Kokkonen, a financial planner, immigrated to the United States by himself legally at age 16 from Finland.


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My Grandparents Immigrated from Slovakia in the late 1800s early 1900s. The law at that time was IF they were under 18 and had a sponsor they could come here. Then, upon their 18th birthday, IF they disavowed allegiance to their country of origin, and swore allegiance to the United States, they were granted citizenship. What happened to that law?

Yes they worked for lesser wages, No they didn’t have access to any support systems other than what their sponsors could supply until they were gainfully employed. What happened to that law?

No they could not speak English and a lot of the died without learning the language. I learned Slovak to be able to converse with them when they cared for me in my early years.

I have the the legal documents that proves this approach to citizenship since they have all passed away and I keep family records.

Why am I writing this? To show that some where, some how, this was able to be done….why can’t we resurrect it again? Wouldn’t this resolve the problems we are facing with Illegal Immigrants? Or maybe, the powers that be want to maintain these people in status quo to insure a work force that is being exploited?

Just a passing thought!

The United States had open imigration untion 1922. The xenophobes of the time (so Matt K. is nothing new) managed to change the law based on perceived issues rather than real ones. The more things change the more they stay the same…

I figured the class envy crowd would chime in here. One of my dearest (and most liberal/progressive) friends constantly brings up the pay scale difference between those eeeeevil, greedy CEO’s and the poor, common working man (or woman, in her case).

Usually she’ll say something like, “yeah, but the income gap here is so much larger than place X” – to which I ask, “What was the income gap in Soviet Russia or Today’s Cuba?” or my favorite, “How is the gap in North Korea?”

If she still thinks to drag up the tired, old, cliché progressive class-warfare arguments (like “it’s worse today than ever!”), I simply ask how what do you think the gap was in Pharaoh’s day? Pretty much like every other nation until Liberty and Capitalism came about, and that is one small class has everything, and the majority had nothing (or worse). You know, they are not perfect, but it is class warfare from radicals that would rather point out flaws of the better system than remember the horrors of all the other ones. Let’s face it, most “socialist paradises” exist because the US does. They exist (as we do) because of the slave-like conditions the Chinese masses are willing to endure. No one ever wants an honest discussion anymore.

Think about those the next time you think the US is unfair/unjust (whatever buzzword has been trained into your brain).

What does Mexico and the other Latin countries to the south of us have that China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, and 99% of the rest of the world that would love to be here don’t have? Unfettered access without a major ocean, sea or other LARGE body of water impeding their travel! Dumb A$$!

Put any of those countries you mention in the same close proximity to the U.S. as Mexico and Latin America are, or just dry up those LARGE, EXTREMELY LARGE bodies of water between us and them, and we’d be one HUGE melting pot of humanity. You wouldn’t be able to spew your bigoted, far right concocted fear mongering BS without offending the person next to you, RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! We’d be overran by those PEOPLE you so obviously fear!

Talk about a trained brain; yours has been trained right into the far right, fear spewing, neo-con, BS filled train wreck!

Just Sayin’…

Fear? Bigotry? How about just plain sick and tired (and Broke) of supporting them and half their family who is poised to invade our country if given a chance!

We the people, are required to pay for advertisements, in Spanish, touting how easy it is to get welfare in the United States.

New Rule: If you have ever entered US illegally, you may NEVER become a citizen. You may obtain legal status (green card) and even become a permanent resident alien, but NEVER a citizen. There! That ought to take the wind out of the sails of the Marxist Liberals.

My grandmother used to say that you can take all the money in the world and divide it up equally among the citizenry and within two generations it would be right back where it is now. Look how many lottery winners are broke with in years.

Miss the mark often? I do not think you understood a thing that I wrote; or perhaps you’re replying to some other post in a different topic? I am fairly certain my comment was about the classic “class warfare / income gap” argument… not sure what geography has to do with that.

Yep, missed way to the left. But that’s okay, as long as it’s to the left and not to right I’ll live with it…

In Pharaoh’s day? Can you speak with any authority on a people and there culture that ended almost 2500 years ago? Most experts can’t, do you have information you’re not sharing with them?

I’ll come back to the rest of your post after some sleep….

Just sayin’…