Another CFO leaves Heritage Oaks Bank

January 15, 2014

heritageThe chief financial officer for Heritage Oaks Bancorp (HEOP) announced he is resigning after only one year at the company, according to a press release.

Mark Olson will leave the company on Jan. 31. Chief Executive Simone Lagomarsino will step in as the companies CFO while they search for a replacement for Olson. Lagomarsino did not give a reason for Olson’s departure.

“It saddens me to announce that Mark will be leaving the bank,” Lagomarsino said in the release. “During his time here, Mark has made numerous contributions to the growth and profitability of our organization.”

Olson replaced the Bancorp’s previous CFO Tom Tolda. Tolda was hired as CFO in Jan. 2011 and resigned in Nov. 2012.

Heritage Oaks Bancorp is headquartered in Paso Robles and has 12 branches in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties and two loan production offices.




  1. SmilingJack says:

    The next court hearing for Gearhart is Feb. 15 in Los Angeles Federal court.

  2. scoopone says:

    Gearhart in court……probably never!!

    • Still Standing says:

      For sure! The way they keep postponing his court date I’ll be surprised if this crook ever winds up behind bars! He, Jay Miller and David Graves need to be cell mates for a long long time!

  3. Mr. Holly says:

    This is pretty easy to figure out. We are getting close to Kelly Gearhart coming back to town for his court appearance. I think that there are many folks at Heritage Oaks Bank who may be getting a little uncomfortable.

  4. Stunned says:

    Two paragraphs in the name “Lagomarsino” pops in there but, it doesn’t say who he is so who cares what he thinks I guess! (Ed. clarify please). :)

    • DennySLO says:

      She, is the Chief Executive Officer

    • standup says:

      4th line down, right there in the article.

      • LameCommenter says:

        The article has been edited and completed from how it was first posted, standup. The full name was not “right there in the article” as first posted. CalCoast made a prompt repair.

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