Los Osos man suspected of serial burglaries

January 23, 2014
Ryan Antone Dutra

Ryan Antone Dutra

In the past four days, law enforcement officers have twice arrested a Los Osos man accused of committing burglaries from Paso Robles to Los Angeles County.

Arroyo Grande police arrested Ryan Antone Dutra, 35, on Sunday after receiving reports of a man breaking into vehicles. Dutra fled from arriving officers, but a K-9 unit located him in some bushes in the 300 block of Short Street.

Officers found stolen items from Arroyo Grande Chevrolet in Dutra’s possession. They then searched his home in Los Osos and found items obtained in burglaries ranging from Paso Robles to Los Angeles County.

Arroyo Grande police booked Dutra and his wife, Camille Deperna, in San Luis Obispo County Jail Sunday. Later that day, sheriff’s deputies released Dutra from jail on bond.

Two days later, Santa Maria police responded to a reported burglary in the 2500 block of South Broadway. Officers located Dutra near the burglarized business and found evidence linking him to the burglary.

Police booked Dutra in Santa Barbara County Jail.

Dutra is facing several misdemeanor and felony charges and is due to appear in court in San Luis Obispo on Feb. 3.


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How come this fellow isn’t a three striker yet?

Liberals have gutted out the “three strikes law” now requiring a VIOLENT felony as the third strike. Quietly slipping into your home may result in TERROR to you, and break your heart over stolen family keepsake possessions, but to the liberals that run our state, a ROBBERY is violent and BURGLARY smashing into your unoccupied home is peaceable, non-violent, no three strikes conduct, at least so far as I am aware.

This guy was arrested in Santa Maria on January 14 for commercial burglary. The Santa Maria Police list him as transient. How the heck did he get out of jail, get to Arroyo Grande only to turn around a week later and get arrested again for burglary. Winner! Please, do not let him out again…

Take a gander at his Facebook page… Full of “white power” and other “white supremacy” nonsense…. A real swell, this guy is.

No way, did you just call him a “swell” ?! Jeepers!

…but I agree, he’s a real winner.

If at first you don’t suceed……..

They should be required to wear a water proof and visible crook tracking collar around their necks for two years, don’t reward them with jail time.

Thats a great idea Jorge! He can wear that and stand in front of the places he stole from with a huge sandwich board apologizing for stealing from them!