Man convicted of attempted murder for shootout with officer

January 25, 2014

A San Diego man who engaged in a shootout with a California Highway Patrol officer in Paso Robles was convicted of attempted murder Thursday.

Clifford Scott, 23, battled CHP Officer Adrian Ayala in a shootout on Oct. 27, 2012, after Scott fled from a traffic stop. The shootout, which began when Scott emerged from a dumpster firing a handgun, concluded with three bullets hitting Ayala and up to seven hitting Scott. Both parties survived.

Clifford Scott

Clifford Scott

On Thursday, a San Luis Obispo jury convicted Scott of attempted murder, as well as seven other charges including transporting cocaine and evading a police officer. Scott did not react when the jury delivered the guilty verdict.

Ayala, who sat in the audience, remained quiet during the verdict reading and declined to comment after. The verdict could result in a life sentence for Scott, who has prior conviction of robbery and carrying a loaded firearm.

A judge is expected to set a date for sentencing on Tuesday.