Inmate erroneously released from jail

January 25, 2014
Eduardo Guzman Gonzalez

Eduardo Guzman Gonzalez

Santa Barbara County Jail officials mistakenly released an inmate from custody on Friday.

The sheriff’s office is asking the public for help in locating 24-year-old Eduardo Guzman Gonzalez. The former inmate was released from jail due to procedural errors.

In jail for a charge of domestic violence, Gonzalez was ineligible for release due to a probation violation and an immigration detainer. Once the erroneous release was identified, the Sheriff’s Office notified local law enforcement agencies in an attempt to locate Gonzalez.

Officials are asking anyone who spots Gonzalez to call 911 immediately. To leave an anonymous tip, call 805-681-4171.


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Welcome to the new California. Come one, come all.

He will be located through commission of a crime, which hopefully will not be too costly to the victim(s). You would really think they’d make sure all I’s were dotted and T’s crossed before releasing someone from prison.

Yet another example of incompetent government workers.

members of the most powerful and corrupt of all public employee unions in our state and perhaps nation.

My question would be… How is it he had a probation violation AND have an immigration detainer? Sounds like he was here legally and because of his probation violation his status with INS was going to be reviewed, hence the immigration detainer. I don’t know but that sounds more plausible…

I’ve known a couple of people in the past that lost their legal status because of crimes they were convicted of and were sent home, one of them was here from Germany since he was 3 years old and it mattered not.

I just wonder if this guy was here “illegally” from somewhere more likely to be Caucasian in appearance and not Latin would it get the news attention, and every ones ire, that this gentlemen is getting? Probably not.

Just one more thing: “In jail for a charge of domestic violence…” A “charge” of, didn’t anyone else notice that? Probably not! But why should we, it’s “Guilty until Proven Innocent” anymore in this country, especially for those who can’t afford equal access to our legal system.

Has anyone thought of why it is that county jails are far worse of an environment then penitentiaries? I know why, but I bet none of you have an inkling…

Just sayin’…

Truth hurts!

Just sayin’…

Anytime the Sheriff’s Department releases someone by accident, it’s going to get media attention regardless of the color of their skin.

You can dream up all kinds of possible discrimination, but you’re really off base.

As for why county jail environments are worse, it’s because of the transient nature of the jail population with people moving in and out, meaning constant change and uncertainty, and right now, our jails are also way overcrowded. So, what’s your idea?


Sorry, I may not have been clear enough but I was referring to some of the posts here and just made a general comment towards an obvious tendency towards racism within the “immigration discussion” nation wide.

You may have a partial point to be made in you assessment of jail conditions, but it’s not the overriding factor, not even close. The main reason for the vast majority of county jails being as “uncomfortable” as they are is to drive accused individuals to resolve their cases as quickly as possible. I’m not arguing whether anyone is pleading guilty to charges they are innocent of, I don’t know that, but I do know that a person kept in the type of conditions of most county jails want out as quickly as possible, up to and including state prison.

It benefits everyone; the prosecutor keeps his “conviction rate” high so his performance revue is positive, the District Attorney or County Prosecutor, an elected official, can show voters he’s doing his job correctly (most make promises of being tough on crime) and a court system that is overloaded at best becomes more manageable (if that’s even possible). Fact; 90 to 95% of those convictions obtained are done so by plea bargains. Could you imagine if even 1 or 2% of that number decided to go to jury trial, wow! You think our justice system is stretched to the limit now….

Now, just think about that for a minute… Now add in the FACT that most cannot afford proper competent representation, then just for shits-and-giggles consider the person pleading out is doing so not from guilt but from fear of a larger sentence if found guilty ( Does that happen often? I don’t know. But it shouldn’t happen at all), combine that with the absolute draconian conditions in most county jails and, well, it can only make a reasonable person think…

Just sayin’…

Because only illegal immigrants commit crimes in this country, right?

“In jail for a charge of domestic violence, …. ” Perhaps it would be a good idea to warn his wife/girlfriend/ ex either, just in case?

Just a hunch, but maybe he travelled south–as in south of the border.

And yet, ILLEGAL immigration is NOT a problem, but rather should be rewarded.