Deputies bust Nipomo marijuana oil lab

January 24, 2014
David Arthur Thomas

David Arthur Thomas

San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s deputies stumbled upon a marijuana honey oil lab in Nipomo Tuesday while searching for stolen property.

Sheriff’s detectives and members of the Narcotics Unit and Gang Task Forces served a search warrant in the 100 block of North Oakglen Avenue in Nipomo around 2 p.m. Tuesday. A burglary investigation in Arroyo Grande in December prompted the search of the property, where suspects were believed to be storing stolen electronics.

During the search, detectives found numerous stolen electronic devices, as well as the marijuana honey oil lab. They arrested three suspects, each residents of Nipomo.

David Arthur Thomas, 24, received charges of burglary, possession of stolen property and manufacturing a controlled substance. Tashanna Poloma Macaluso, 19, and Bennet Francis Macaluso, 53, each received charges of possession of stolen property and manufacturing a controlled substance.

Detectives booked the suspects into San Luis Obispo County Jail.


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The experiment of legalized pot is going to be a very interesting one, indeed. This handsome young fella and his ilk will become well respected businessmen with their honey oil facilities and stolen property for sale.

Interesting times, indeed.

Stolen electronic devices, huh? No mention of finding stolen jewelry or gold which was probably fenced at a gold buyer.

Having been a victim many times, and having lost un-replaceable family items, I don’t view these theft reports with peace in my heart. They should take ALL burglars and recipients of bulk, KNOWN, stolen property and whip them within an inch of their lives, in a public venue. THEN incarcerate them. Sorry I’m not more forgiving.

It appears from social media that in the Macaluso family, the son is the only one who has ever held a job. Have we taxpayers been supporting this family and their criminal activities?

I hope someone can tell me that I am wrong. It would make me feel better.

Why would you assume that? It seems more likely that their illegal activities were supporting the family.

Stolen property? It would appear they don’t ‘earn’ enough money to support their habits so yes Citizen……they enjoy low health care premiums due to their non existent income. Oh wait, they are not signed up yet? Well you will just need to pitch in more next year to ensure the program remains funded. Thank you Citizen for picking up the slack! We need more of you 1% so we can keep our cake and eat it too. :)

And the more pot you smoke, the more cake and brownies you will eat.