Morro Bay imposes water restrictions

January 30, 2014

waterIn response to a drought declaration by California Governor Jerry Brown, the city of Morro Bay adopted new rules Tuesday restricting water usage. [Tribune]

Irrigation of public and private landscaping is now only permitted on Tuesdays and Saturdays for odd-numbered addresses and Wednesdays and Sundays for even-numbered properties. Washing cars with a hose is now prohibited, as is using potable water to clean boats, docks, sidewalks, patios and other paved surfaces.

The city is also asking restaurants to only provide water to customers who request it.

“The city would like your continued help in conserving water, Public Services Director Rob Livick said. “Please limit the amount of water used around the house.”

If residents or merchants do not comply with the usage restrictions, public services employees can turn off their water.

In 2013, Morro Bay received about 4 inches of rain, the lowest amount the city began measuring rainfall about 40 years ago.

Brown’s drought declaration asked Californians to reduce their water usage by 20 percent.


fishing village

Nobody’s shutting anyone’s water off, WHAT are you talking about?

fishing village

Give us a break….and zip your lip! You are really reaching for something to complain about, aren’t you? Mayor Jamie Irons, where did you get that silly ‘king’ stuff? Seems like Yates was called King, or was it Anderson. Get original, at least. We all conserve anyway in MB, it is the right thing to do. Not a problem.


Oh, no, you can’t think King Irons is petulant and misguided? He’s the King, you know, and has tried to kill off forever the chance to refit WWTP in the conventional standard downslope location near the bay. At a cost of tens of millions. Which you Morro Bay folk will pay just like us who own property in Los Osos.

Meantime, the Trib just posted (6pm Jan 30) an article that SLO City will upgrade it’s plant for $ 9.7 million and that includes reworking fixtures 20, 40, and 60 years old plus the headworks plus the control system to save energy, carbon footprint, and release of odor.

I will say it again, it bears repeating, based on my experience with municipal facilities and I am no wizard, it’s the experience of the REMAINDER of the PLANET (except Irons, Smuck and J.) it is ALWAYS less expensive to refit rather than cold turkey move off and replace bits of municipal infrastructure such as WWTP’s. Period.

We will all be 500 years deceased before any tidal event reaches the plant near the shore. Claims that it’s subject to flood are chaff, BUNK, and tripe.

CHANGE the mayor and re-apply to the Coastal Commission that MB has come to it’s collective senses. Storm the CCC meeting with torches and pots of sweet old Carpinteria tar, and you’ll get your permit, to rebuild the thing, right where it should be near the shoreline. At a savings of MILLIONS.


Easy there,Linda will be along shortly to tell you your wrong, that the coastal commision is right and what you just said can’t be done.


Let them try and turn off my water……


The city of Morro Bay officially adopted this song as THEIR city song….‎


Why does these types of actions have to be taken? Glad you asked! Because most don’t have the common sense or the common dignity to do these type of things on their own!

No, they’ll wait until the “government” comes around and tells them what to do and then bitch about too much government!

Oh so typical….

Just sayin’…


Actually, Morro Bay citizens use less water per capita than any other community in the State of California.


Well that’s how Gov works. Reactionary never preemptive and when anyone is forced to make decisions in a reactionary way their choices are limited to what can be done right then, not what the best solution would be if all paths are explored. So there you are California, dryer than a popcorn fart and getting ready to blow away on the next Santa Anna. Time to start that cactus garden in the front yard and before you do, it might be a good idea to dig a cistern too.



You are so right, the city has no legal right to shut off your water, except for non-payment with a few exceptions. How you use the water you pay for, unless it causes eminent danger to someone else or their property the purveyor has no legal authority to shut it off. Apparently, power and leadership does not require a smidgen of knowledge about the law, much less any common sense.

By the way, the City has waited how long to impose these restrictions? So, like so many other idiots they were praying for rain to bail them out of this conundrum or mess. Managing and leading blindly.


Correction: Will someone please tell the City Council that they have no authority to shut off people’s water as long as they pay their bills. Did anyone ask the acting City Attorney if this was legal? It’s not! They have the ability to impose fines but that’s it. These people really don’t have a clue.


Will someone please to the City Council that they have no authority to shut off people’s water as long as they pay their bills. Did anyone ask the acting City Attorney if this was legal? It’s not! They have the ability to impose fines but that’s it. These people really don’t have a clue.