Unemployment down in San Luis Obispo County

January 30, 2014

unemploymentSan Luis Obispo County is ranked fifth out of 58 California counties for lower numbers of unemployed workers, according to a report released last week by the California Employment Development Department.

The SLO County unemployment rate fell from 6 percent in November to 5.6 percent in December. In the past 12 months, the region gained about 1,800 jobs.

Significant increases were seen in the mining, logging and construction sectors which added approximately 400 new positions. The biggest decline was seen in local government, which lost 900 jobs in December.

SLO County’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average of 6.7 percent and the state’s 8.3 percent rate, both which fell in December.

In California, Marin County is ranked number one with an unemployment rate of 4.2 percent and Imperial County comes in on the bottom with an unemployment rate of 22.5 percent.


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California Unemployment Fund is broke. The State owes the Federal government 10 BILLION DOLLARS and we are making an annual $850 million payments a year to the US Treasury. Business taxes have increased/ We can not afford to extend the unemployment benefit beyond the 26 weeks. This is a perfect example of helping people is crisis, extending the benefits beyond the 26 weeks and when it is time to pull back, everyone states screaming “save my benefits”. Kind of like the food stamp, cell phone, etc. government programs.

Your government says unemployment is down, the recovery is happening, businesses are hiring, etc.

Instead of dumping all this money we should have required the unemployed go to school, or participate in other training jobs. We could have developed work programs to retrain, reemploy, and help to redistribute the wealth.

I strongly believe unemployment is not better, but unfortunately, no one is caring for the folks lost in this new age movement called progression. It is a shame!

Thank Mind Body for one. They hired 350 people in SLO last year.

As their site says, they hire Cal Poly and Cuesta students. Are they not looking for long term employees? I Guess though they keep those kids out of the service jobs they would otherwise be working.

350 people, but how many of those were replacement for the revolving door. Is this 350 full time employees with benefits, including health care?

Yes, let’s all try to find a way to make it a bad thing.

Bad thing? No, any employment is a good thing Kevin.

From their website:

20 vacation days per year

$50 in monthly wellness vouchers

401(k) and health insurance benefits

5+ onsite wellness classes every week

3 onsite massage therapists

25+ daily menu items from our in-house caterers

1 back patio party every month

One of the fastest growing compainies in America for the 6th year in a row. I don’t know if their hires are all full-time, but this company is rocking and they are headquartered right here.

They also hire employees without a college degree, I know some that were hired last year.

I am always skeptical over claims regarding employment. People not being on unemployment does not necessarily mean they have new jobs. Maybe their unemployment just ran out. But on the statics, they base it on who is no longer on unemployment. Wow 1800 jobs in Slo County? Who has been hiring??

unemployment is not down, people that are unemployed are not filing because they can’t get it any more due to the limits that the government has imposed.

When you are unemployed you have a full-time job. That full-time job is finding a job. Most everyone has been in that situation.

Extending unemployment benefits over and over can work as a disincentive to the urgency of getting a new job. 26 weeks + 37 additional weeks of EUC Federal Extension benefits. Enough is enough.

Please provide us the evidence that “extending unemployment…(is)..a disincentive to the urgency of getting a new job.” Any? Any at all?

Personal experience for one. I was laid off my first job at 21. Prior to that I had never had a day off. The day I finished college I went to work. When they laid me off I played golf every day and went to the beach. When I was called back, I refused to go back to work because they had laid me off. Was told I couldn’t collect unemployment anymore so I figured I needed to find a job.

According to bureau of labor statistics, average unemployment duration is 37 weeks as of jan 10, 2014 up from previous high of 20 weeks in 1980 after that recession when the benefit duration was increased from 14 to 28 weeks. Odd coincidence?

When benefits are starting to run out, people get serious about getting back to work.

Kevin 99, I do not know if you’re genuine in wanting “evidence” but should you actually be, you can read about North Carolina or these nine (9) other states that reduced unemployment benefits and/or other similar austerity measures and many are seeing a decrease in unemployment.

Then again, it’s all just numbers and anyone can spin it to whatever they want. I remember what Reagan once said (paraphrasing): “Recession is when your neighbor loses his job; depression is when you lose yours.”

There are actually many economic studies about the “Moral Hazard” and Substitution Effect of social insurance programs such as unemployment insurance reducing the labor supply as well as higher benefits and longer duration disincentivizing workers to look for jobs.

“The biggest decline was seen in local government, which lost 900 jobs in December”

I would say that’s a good start and we need to at lest triple that number, however not until we get outrageous public salaries, benefits and pensions under control, of course two people that can’t lose their jobs quick enough are Mr. Hill and Mr. Gibson, and given Ms. Ray’s recent lockstep vote on the Los Osos’s sewer with Mr. Hill she is quickly becoming another one that needs to go

This is the group that ended Dan Rather’s career. They have noticed Adam Hill and Larry Allen

The story that Dan Rather reported was true. The document was a fake. The fake document undermined the story. Clever, no?

Yeah, his answer about his association with top lawyers back east made me suspicious of his integrity. They were right to nail Dan Rather (or more likely his producer) for using a forged document to attack GW Bush’s service record. But any of us who came of age during the Vietnam era knew that the story was essentially true because many of us knew others who found similar ways to dodge service in Vietnam. In a manner so typical of political in-fighting, people who didn’t pay close attention were convinced by GOP campaign ads that the whole story was concocted rather than just the one piece of supporting documentation. I don’t have much sympathy for Rather but he paid a higher price than he deserved for that fiasco.

I had a college roommate who joined ROTC figuring out (correctly) that the war would be over by the time he graduated. Yeah, he had to serve longer but it wasn’t in a war zone or in a SE Asia hellhole. I will give W the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t arrange his service dodge himself. I am sure his daddy did it and that he just went along with it.