Oceano plane crash victims flew from Santa Maria airport

January 18, 2014

planr crash rescueThe plane that crashed off the coast of Oceano Tuesday left the Santa Maria airport at about 1:30 p.m. with two people aboard.

On Friday, the FAA confirmed two people were killed in the crash. David Casey, 63, of Friday Harbor, Wash. was the pilot. The name of his passenger has not yet been released.

Casey was an experienced pilot who has flown for American Airlines and also raced planes in a sports class division.

Since the crash, emergency personnel have been searching for the plane and the victims.


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Conspiracy? I don’t think so but to start giving up? With all that fancy equipment and sonar stuff and your now telling us you can find the wreak? I think our people can do a much better job than to start making excuses as to why they can’t find the plane. How about the family of the one who is still missing. Just sayin….

Amazing! Only a mile off the beach and they still have not found the plane. And to think all those people on the beach that day didn’t see the plane go into the water.Just amazing people.

I think you’re on to something. Obviously a conspiracy and massive cover up.