Optimize your health with a Basic Nutritional Protocol

January 31, 2014

Gary E Foresman MDWould you like to  look younger, feel younger, and eliminate chronic conditions and diseases?

CalCoastNews is partnering with Dr. Gary Foresman of Middle Path Medicine to restore health and wellness on the Central Coast. Dr. Foresman is an integrative medical doctor with 25 years of experience in reversing chronic conditions and health challenges that often seem insurmountable.

For optimal health, Dr. Foresman recommends a basic nutritional protocol that includes a multivitamin, a Vitamin D-rich supplement and fish oil containing essential fats that are now available at the CalCoastNews store. By purchasing from us you are helping support our efforts to produce in-depth investigative reporting in the public interest.

Most human beings are deficient in B vitamins, Vitamin D and essential fats.

“The Basic Nutritional Protocol helps take care of a whole host of nutritional deficiencies,“ Dr. Foresman said. “If you have the perfect diet, these supplements will actually provide even better health on top of that excellent diet.”

You, too, can begin your path to optimal health by ordering the Basic Nutritional Protocol. The Basic Nutritional Protocol is sold in 60-day increments and is available as a single package or a bimonthly subscription at the CalCoastNew store.

View Dr. Foresman’s explanations of the individual products below:



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No disrespect intended, but based on what I have read of Dr. Foresman to this point, probably a good idea to eschew most of his advice, at least if optimum nutrition is the goal…

For optimum health, the less animal products, added fats and oils, and sugar a person consumes, the healthier and longer lived they will become… Your body, the planet, and other sentient animals will thank you..

The more unhealthy a person is, the more compliant with a starch centered, vegan diet they should be. If optimum health and nutrition is the goal….

Doctors McDougal, Esselstyn, Campbell, Ornish et al all have easy to follow healthy ways of eating which can reverse many disease processes as well as act as a preventative for many more…

That is disrespectful. Unless you have been to see Dr Foesman who cannot judge him along with McDougal. I also like McDougal.I go to http://www.optimumhealth.org/ every year for a cleanse and they work miracles. Been there 7 times and I saw people reverse illnesses.

I have also seen Dr Gary Foresman for 16 years now and have watched him save my life and two other friends.. Some people have illnesses and diet alone will not change that as they take medications.With Medications comes side effects which can diminish how the body absorbs vitamins. I had one friend with diabetics and he was not going to live long at the rate he was going.He is in his 80’s now thriving and off his insulin shots and a couple medications he did not need.I watched another friend grow old and cranky.I made him go see This Dr Foresman. he had no vitamin D or DHEA. No wonder he was cranky. Now he is feeling great again and glad he had seem Dr.. I could go on and on about Dr Foersman.I need certain vitamins that I cannot get from foods. I tried. I need magnesium or I do not function well. So unless you have experienced a visit which is like seeing no other doctor as Foresman takes a lot of time knowing all your habits and checks everything in Blood.. Hormones etc. I have seen people who have not felt well for years who have seen specialist and no one could find out what it was until they saw Foresman.. So please keep an open mind to those who have illnesses who might very well need this doctor.I am sure glad i did and it’s not all about vitamins.. he also found things other doctors just do not know to look for or not trained. Dr Foresman use to be internal medicine and went back for more as he was not satisfied with just handing out prescriptions..

Caveat emptor – numerous large scientific studies have found no health benefit from taking multivitamins. If you eat a healthy diet, buying these products is a waste of your money.