Morro Bay hires interim city manager

January 31, 2014

morro bay plantThe Morro Bay City Council has hired an interim city manager at $13,000 per month.

The council appointed former Beverly Hills city manager Ed Kreins to succeed Administrative Services Director Susan Slayton in bridging the gap between Andrea Lueker, who resigned from the position earlier this month, and a permanent replacement. Slayton has served as acting city manager since Lueker’s departure.

Kreins served as city manager of Beverly Hills for 11 years. Prior to that, he served as police chief of Sausalito.

Since his retirement, Kreins has served as interim city manager for six cities, including Pismo Beach. He also served as interim general manager of the Nipomo Community Services District.

“I am pleased in the council’s confidence in appointing me interim city manager and am looking forward to working with the mayor, council members and city staff,” Kreins said in a city news release.

Kreins is expected to begin work in Morro Bay in early February.

Morro Bay currently has an interim city attorney, as well. Lueker and former city attorney Rob Schultz both resigned after Mayor Jamie Irons called for their firing.



So, you “couldn’t be happier” with their work so far? What, exactly, have they accomplished in their first 1+ years at the helm? Let’s see a list of those accomplishments. Here, I’ll start:

1) Polarized the city into two distinct camps.

2) Got rid of two valuable employees (for “no cause”) at a hefty price tag.

3) Put the status of the waste water treatment plant in limbo, potentially causing the project to be even more expensive than initially thought.

Your turn.


1) Any polarizing was done by the loud and rude recallers. STRIKE ONE

2) At will employees who received standard severance. STRIKE TWO

3) False again, the proposed plan by the former council was denied, never would have been built at the existing site. STRIKE THREE.

The Red Sox would let you go with those odds.


1) Look in the mirror and at your buddies about “loud and rude”

2) FOR NO REASON!!! Money needlessly spent.

3) There was still a dialogue between the Coastal Commission and the former council, now there’s nothing happening at all, except time for the costs to increase.

You sound like a pompous Yankee fan.


Aricept moment?


Separate corners.

Behave or I break out the hats.


Can I have a “B” on my hat? And what the heck does “aricept” mean? Can’t find it in the on-line dictionary?


No disrepect, Redsox. I just assumed it would be the drug that would help clarify you.

fishing village

Isn’t there anything more current than 1990 to report about Mr. Kreins?



“Since retiring from Beverly Hills in 1990, Kreins has since served as an interim city manager in five other cities, including Pismo Beach, Seaside and most recently Livermore, where he received high marks for his performance.”He didn’t have a need to prove anything to anybody,” said Councilwoman Lorraine Dietrich of Livermore.”He’s a real straight shooter.He doesn’t do things behind peoples’ backs.”Kreins improved strained relations in Livermore between the police union, which had worked without a contract for two years, and the city administration by handling the negotiations personally.Kreins even saved the city money because no consultant had to be hired to negotiate the contract, she said. “Kreins has a very strong presence, a lot of experience and he’s very well spoken,” Conroy said.

“The 6-foot-4 Kreins began his 24-year police career as an officer in Hayward and ended up as the Beverly Hills police chief.Kreins was chief there in 1979 when thousands of angry Iranian demonstrators set three homes on fire and charged the house of the Shah’s mother and sister.”It was pretty hairy,” Kreins said. With only 26 officers and a few guards assigned from the U.S. State Department, Kreins thwarted the attackers, some armed with guns, until backup arrived from Los Angeles.Kreins was appointed Beverly Hills’ city manager within a year of that incident.He inherited a city with deficit spending in the millions, but soon put the ledger books into black ink. Kreins mentored the current city manager of Beverly Hills, Mark Scott, who describes Kreins as a strong leader who avoids micromanagement, yet holds high expectations for his staff.Kreins mentored the current city manager of Beverly Hills, Mark Scott, who describes Kreins as a strong leader who avoids micromanagement, yet holds high expectations for his staff.”

Human Reason

He hasn’t done anything excpet collect a pension and work as an interim for the past 23 years. Unbelieveable. $13k a month to do nothing except what Mayor irons tells him to do.


Imagine the nerve of this guy – working as a consultant for 23 years, and doing what the people who hired him paid him to do. Imagine paying someone the same money to do a job that the last person was paid. Disgraceful ;) Riiiiiight

By the way, it wasn’t too long ago that one of your buddies retired from the City of Morro Bay and was then hired back as a consultant – while on a pension, by the way. I don’t recall hearing you complain about that.

Human Reason

Beverly Hills City Manager to Quit at Midyear


Edward S. Kreins, the strong-willed city manager of Beverly Hills whose greatest achievement, a monumental new Civic Center, has been stalled indefinitely because of a contract dispute, announced Tuesday that he will retire at midyear. Kreins, 55, had said as recently as December that he was enjoying his job and that retirement “would depend if I was happy or not.” B

fishing village

Gosh, a Mayor who cares about our City, wants it to prosper, and actually invests his money here. Amazing! What next?

Human Reason

Isn’t that what you call one of the good old boys that wants special treatment for his property project. Isn’t that the reason why the Mayor fire shultz, Lueker and the planning manager left because they told him NO you cant do that.


BINGO! People will soon find out that everything to do with Jamie Irons is about this project and making money for himself. Noah is all about smiling, talking incessantly and hoping that he can be the 2nd District Supervisor someday. Christine is all about making sure that her husband has a job.

The citizens of this city come way down the list for these three people interested only in self gratification. The taxpayers will spend years paying for the damage that they’ve done to the city in order to further their own egos and self interests.


In other news, 911 was an inside job.


Meanwhile, in other breaking news, the Tribune real estate section today reports that Mayor Irons has purchased another piece of commercial real estate within the last year in the downtown area for $825,000.

fishing village

old news, everyone already knew that , he made it public months and months ago!!


so what ?

fishing village

This is a whole new ballgame and the old ‘teams’ have lost horribly. All they can do is try to tear down the now ballpark. But they will strike out there too. LOL

Human Reason

So Mayor Irons truly does have a plan!

So SLO City Manager, Katy Lichtig, stays at Mayor Irons and his wife’s house in MB for a few months while Katie’s Mansion is being remodeled out in Edna Valley. Katie is Mayor Irons wife’s boss. Katie instructs and advises Irons on how to get rid of the City Manager and City Attorney.

They also devise a plan to hire Lee Johnson at the City of SLO as Economic Development Director. At the time Lee is out of work and may have to move which means Christine loses her Council position. Christine has never worked so by hiring Lee they get to stay in MB. Never mind that Lee is unqualified for the job.

So next up is Katie introduces and has dinner with Mayor Irons and Kreinsis,. Kreinsis and Lictig worked together in Beverly Hills and have remained close personal friends. They discuss firing Lueker and putting in Kreinsis who in turn will recommend Lichtig as General Manager.

What a plan. Take care of friends first and forget about the Town.

Human Reason

And they also discussed Kreinsis firing all of the department heads! Not a single one is safe except maybe the police chief.

fishing village

Pathetic how you have twisted so much of what you said. I could go through them one by one, Mayor Irons has a rental property behind his house in MB…..etc. There is NO connection b!!etween Christine’s husband Lee and any hiring by the County….and he is very qualified!! Honestly, at least get your stuff straight. Jamie Irons, Christine Johnson and Noah Smuckler (hey you left out bashing him and his wife), and their families are the best , they will be working hard to create a better City for us to live in. I couldn’t be happier with their work so far, I’ll be supporting Mayor Iron’s re election. But, you don’t want to hear anything positive.


Also, the Holocaust was a big, coordinated hoax.


I see you think your witty sarcasm goes over well when referring to sensitive topics as the Holocaust and 911. Stay classy, Slophocles…..or at least make an attempt to.