What’s in store at CalCoastNews

January 31, 2014

ccn store 1The staff at CalCoastNews is excited to announce the official launch of our online store.

We regularly hear from readers who are looking for ways to support CalCoastNews. By purchasing from us you are helping support our efforts to produce in-depth investigative reporting in the public interest.

CalCoastNews is partnering with Dr. Gary Foresman of Middle Path Medicine in Arroyo Grande to restore health and wellness on the Central Coast. Dr. Foresman is an integrative medical doctor with 25 years of experience in reversing chronic conditions and health challenges that often seem insurmountable.

For optimal health, Dr. Foresman recommends a basic nutritional protocol that includes a multivitamin, a Vitamin D-rich supplement and fish oil containing essential fats which will now be available through the CalCoastNews store.

In addition, T-shirts designed by Piranha Petting Zoo’s Dennis Pfister are available in multiple sizes, styles and colors.

Thank you for supporting CalCoastNews and local venders.



Karen, just a bit of professional insurance advise: make sure your insurance for CCN store has been endorsed for edible products. Just because they are under the label of others doesn’t mean you won’t be named in litigation. In the eyes of insurance, you are a distributor by virtue of having a store selling products under the label of others. There is a big difference in products and completed operations coverage when it comes to consumables vs. internet news/bog site. I’d hate someone to have adverse reaction to anything purchased from your new store, become very ill, and well…sue you. Though I am sure you have already thought of this, just wanted to offer advise and well wishes to you!


Wow, yeah, it’s late. I meant on the right. Silly Super Bowl party.

Randy Sheila

Slamming one online media outlet while owing allegiance to another is an antiquated approach to interpreting modern journalism. Even if one tends to agree more with one than another, the maximum benefit is achieved when one considers all perspectives and uses their own experience, feelings and knowledge to judge what is “true”. Analogous to economic democracy, where folks “vote” for the best products and services with their dollars, online media is rewarded with hits as we browse to them and consider their varying perspective rewarding them with advertising power and revenue. Journalists are rewarded with more followers now including Twitter.

JB Bronson

The New Times is a comic book in comparison, and the Shredder is a joke.

fishing village

I sure hope this works out for you all, love this site, want it to continue.

I’ll try to buy something I need, real soon!!


I was able to buy my CCN shirt using the Chrome browser instead of Firefox. I did not check Internet Explorer, but the system probably works fine there too.

Best wishes to CCN in this very creative way of financing the news operation.


I tried to buy something, but was unable to complete the checkout process. There are some bugs that still need to be worked out (I say this as a former software development consultant).

I hope the bugs are worked out soon. I want to buy one of those cool green shirts.

By the way, CCN, that’s a fine-looking group modeling the shirts :)


Update: I tested the store software out in the Chrome browser and it works fine there. It appears the developer forgot to test in Firefox, which is what I use.


Those of us who treasure Calcoastnews.com in either format (newsprint or on-line) gladly support any and all sponsors who advertise with you! Calcoastnews is, along with “The New Times”, the only news outlets left to get solid, consistent investigative reporting from that other local media eschew, avoid, relegate to “after-the-fact” coverage.

This is the least we, the readers and consumers, can do to show our solidarity and support of Calcoastnews !


Is that the same New Times that advertises for dope and hookers on the back pages?


All depends on what it is you’re looking for. Seems you have a preference of choice, depending what is important to you. It does help pay for good, solid investigating reporting for the rest of us.


Please do NOT forget the horrendous comments made by the new times HMFC regarding Karen and her recent issues involving her kids as well as CCN. What little respect I had for the shredder or their liberal rag is long gone.