Salinas crop circle, marketers not aliens

January 6, 2014

crop circleThe unique crop circle discovered in a Salinas farm last week was created by marketers not aliens.

On Sunday at an electronics show in Las Vegas, Jen-Hsun Huang, the CEO of computer graphics company NVIDIA, announced his company created the crop circle as a marketing stunt. The stunt was intended to bring attention to the company’s new mobile processor to be used in automobiles, tablets and cell phones.

After deciding on the marketing stunt, the company hired a Hollywood location scout to find the location and security guards to help keep its plan under wraps. Then the company sent anonymous tips out to media across the country.

By Dec. 30, droves of journalists were at the site.


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Undocumented workers are aliens too, the differences are in there requests. Will it be, take me to your leader or where are the food stamps?

Maybe this businessman taking the “rap” for this latest example of UFO elegance in art is merely a plant, a SHILL of some sort, taking the rap?

Look at the precision and elegance. It’s the saucers. HAS to be. I’m convinced. Mankind can’t make a working website in 36 months to handle health care reform, so how could he fashion that crop circle?

And, P.S., I prefer the metallic density of “tin” over “aluminum” foil for my hats. Sometimes the older solutions work the best. (Such as hanging from an oak tree for the creeps who stole the firefighting equipment. Simple, but effective).

All the Art Bell & George Noory followers will be so disappointed.

I am totally underwhelmed.

Don’t be deceived by this proclamation, they are out there and they know your SS #. Have your tin hats at the ready!

Get modern BCP! All the UFOlogists wear Aluminum these days

Old school paranoia needs an old school solution!