Santa Maria woman arrested for killing ex-boyfriend’s cat

January 4, 2014

Nellie Marie PalaciosSanta Barbara County Sheriff deputies arrested a 43-year-old Santa Maria woman who allegedly choked and then stabbed her ex-boyfriend’s cat to death with a large kitchen knife.

On the afternoon of Jan.2, Nellie Palacios, accompanied by her new boyfriend, entered her ex-boyfriend’s Orcutt home and began removing paintings from the walls and putting them into her car. She then choked his cat before stabbing it and putting the carcass in a pet igloo in the yard.

While the new boyfriend told police he remained primarily outside, he did see Palacios kill the cat and take items from the home.

Palacios claims the cat attacked her and she was defending herself.

After Palacios was treated at a local hospital for scratches, deputies booked her into the Santa Barbara County Jail on charges of animal cruelty and burglary.


P. Enis

I like what “Cindy,” “PaulJones” and “Laughlines” have to say. If you’re trying to impress the new boyfriend, “you’ve got a lot to learn about men, Girl.” Yep, he’s running for the hills now. I agree that this woman is a psychopath, will receive a slap on the wrist for the cat killing, and has the potential to kill a child in the future. On a broader subject: Santa Maria is out-of-control. We need to deal with all the vicious criminals and meth freaks. Its distinction now is being one of California’s most dangerous cities. I will vote yes to fund any construction of new jails and prisons in this state because we can’t have these people running amok.


How do you “watch” someone kill your pet without interceding? Get rid of both of these people, they’re a waste of air.


Looks like Nellie’s been a problem child for some time:

So, the amount of resources devoted to dealing with this woman probably would have funded a Book Mobile, or recreational equipment for kids, or medical assistance for someone truly needy, and on, and on, and on. Why do we keep playing Patty-Cake with folks like this? In and out of the system, again and again, and the joke is on us.


WOW, That 2011 booking photo reveals what people look like when they’re high. This woman is actually an old bag and aged beyond her years. Either that or maybe she got a recent face lift in the last two years.


This story and the cat fight video certainly did not make my day! She is an extremely sick individual (the smile says it all) and the video was tolerable until the cats started fighting with each other and who would stand there and continue recording that. It this anti animal or cat day or what!


Here’s a tip for her new boyfriend:



Hopefully, the judge will wipe that grin off her face. This sociopath needs mental treatment but I don’t think there is a pill for what ails her.


Truly the actions of a depraved, sick individual; further proof- look at her smile for the booking photo, I mean, really, who smiles like that when they have been arrested after willfully killing a living entity just for spite? While I will strenuously object to suggestions like a “230-grain solution” (putting a bullet though her head), she definitely has to pay a debt to society, and hopefully get some mental health help so perhaps she can see how wrong what she did is. This is not only sad for the cat and the ex-boyfriend knowing this woman hated him so much she killed his cat to get back at him, but how does the new boyfriend square up her actions as a human being? I just don’t see how anyone can justify her actions, period.


You missed the boat here bob in my opinion. It isn’t that she “hated the boyfriend so much that she killed his cat”. It’s that she just plain “hates”. You seem to think that the cat was all about her anger with the boyfriend but I beg to differ. This woman took an innocent sweet cat and tortured and killed it. Who kills an innocent creature, a pet, a loving, purring, cuddly pet for any reason? That is unless it is a mercy euthanasia? Yes she wanted to hurt the boyfriend by killing his pet but it isn’t about the boyfriend, it’s about her sick cruel need for revenge at any cost and her inability to take any responsibility for her own short comings. A real sick, manipulative, cruel, self centered, narcissist who isn’t capable of ever having any sort of a honest meaningful relationship, not with anyone.


Cindy: I respectfully disagree with your assertion that I “missed the boat”; while this individual is undoubtedly mentally ill, I still believe that her main motivation was striking out or back at her ex-boyfriend. The poor cat was, unfortunately, probably just a target of opportunity; she either didn’t “feel” anything in killing the innocent cat, or she was so enraged it just didn’t matter to her. I feel you and I may just be splitting proverbial hairs here though; I do agree that she is ill, needs help, and definitely needs to be removed from society.


” I feel you and I may just be splitting proverbial hairs here”

You’re right bob, we are splitting proverbial hairs. I have compassion for people who suffer from mental illness and she is a nut case but there is a huge difference between the paranoid schizophrenic and the sociopath. I have no sympathy for the “sociopaths”. They are intelligent, they know what they’re doing and they’re simply out there to manipulate, lie, steal, destroy, hurt and win at all costs.

You think that she was outraged at something the boyfriend did. I agree that she was out for revenge for something. Maybe he cheated on her? Maybe he noticed that she wasn’t a very nice person and he dumped her? Maybe he did something worse but I don’t think she was in a state of outrage as she had a new boyfriend and she returned to collect art work which may or maybe wasn’t hers but that is what she did first, collected the valuables. Then second she killed his cat. That is not outrage and even if it was, have you ever been outraged and if so, did you turn your anger towards an innocent or pull a knife when there was absolutely no threat to your life? I doubt it.


P.S. I’m not the one that gave you the thumbs down. I do respect your opinion.


Why do I take such a hard line? Because our system has degenerated to the point that a person like this will most likely receive only a slap on the wrist; I hope she gets some serious jail time but I’ll be surprised if she does. My 230-grain solution is harsh, yes. But what if her next ex-boyfriend has a kid instead of a cat? This woman is seriously deranged, and we are broke. I’d rather devote our limited resources to one of the truly whacked-out homeless guys who barely knows where he is than this POS. Make her dig her own hole and put her in it. Problem solved and no potential for recidivism. We’ve got 8 billion people on the planet, no need to hang on to defectives like her. That’s one man’s constitutionally-protected opinion.


The cat attacked her? Sure. Even feral cats don’t attack humans. Most likely she had always been mean to the cat and she wanted to kill it only because she knows that her ex-boyfriend loved the cat. What a rotten POS. And now thousands of taxpayer dollars go to dealing with her when there is a 230-grain solution available which would free up resources for really deserving people. Poor kitty.


She undoubtedly got scratched while she was trying to strangle the cat. A normal person would have let the cat go and tended to their own injuries; injuries that the cat inflicted in “self defense” of it’s life and not the other way around Think about it, this psycho was so determined to kill that cat that she then pulled a knife and stabbed it to death, undoubtedly risking and receiving more scratches. This is the behavior of a real psychopath. I hope they throw the book at her.


What a horrible thing to do. I think if someone killed my pet like that, I’m not sure that I wouldn’t suffer from temporary insanity and do something that I “wouldn’t regret” although others would see to it that I did regret it. But i would still do it, yup, I’d freaking KILL the bitch.

That’s it, no more stories like this for me. I shouldn’t have read it in the first place.