Sheriff considering abandoning search for missing plane

January 20, 2014

planr crash rescueThe San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s dive team is contemplating abandoning the search for a missing plane that went down off the coast of Oceano last Tuesday with two people aboard.

For the past six days, the department utilized sonar and underwater cameras in the search for the wreckage and the remains of those aboard. Divers have found human remains, a wallet, and most recently a thin piece of fiberglass consistent with the makeup of the plane. A body has not been recovered, according to sheriff’s officials.

Conditions on the ocean floor have become increasingly unsafe for divers, said sheriff’s department spokesperson Tony Cipolla in a press release. On Wednesday, the department will reassess the conditions, the probability of success and dangers to divers in determining whether or not to abandon the search.


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What is shocking is that with all the multi-billion-dollar agencies, rules, regulations, etc. we still cannot figure out who this was flying around.

Some of my NSA time included tracking… of things… and even back then, we knew who/what/where things were going and in what quite easily. Here we have Vandenburg AFB (nukes) and Diablo (a nuke), and we have no idea what’s flying around in between? I feel safer already.

Maybe we’ll get another cargoship emp test launch from (probably) Iran (or China) again… like we got in L.A. back in November 2010. We’d never know.

…but man, do they need your internet and phone traffic recorded 24/7.

Doh, I did not see the previous article that did identify the two people…