SLO County superintendent to retire

January 22, 2014
Julian Crocker

Julian Crocker

San Luis Obispo County Superintendent of Schools Julian Crocker announced Tuesday that he will step down in January 2015 when his term ends. [Tribune]

Crocker, 72, will have served as superintendent for 16 years when he retires. He said now is a good time for a change in leadership because the recent increase in state funding and accountability measures.

“I feel very good about the structure of the county office in terms of staying focused on helping our school districts,” Crocker said. “We really see the districts as our customers.”

On the way out, Crocker is endorsing Cayucos Elementary School District Superintendent Jim Brescia to replace him as county superintendent. Crocker said he asked Brescia to run for the position because of his experience as a district superintendent.

A primary election for county superintendent is scheduled for June.

In 2013, Crocker earned $177,858 in the position.


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We have too much duplication of effort in government and our public education system. What does it say about the quality of our public schools when Dr. Brescia educated his children at Mission College Prep instead of Paso Robles High. I don’t criticize him for doing so but I don’t think having another layer of bureaucracy is going to fix the public education system in California.

I’m sure Dr. Crocker is a very intelligent hard working man, but the position of county superintendent of schools, or some of the other bureaucracy should be eliminated.

We have a federal department of education, we have a state department of education, we have a state Superintendent of Schools (Parallel department to the education department), we have a county Superintendent of Schools. Each district has a Superintendent.

All of the above departments have plenty of staff.

Then we get to the schools with principals and staff.

I have no idea why we don’t have enough money to educate our children.

Jim Brescia is a good man. I hope he gets the post.

Good guy and a smart guy. He will be missed.