Velie banished by KVEC’s Ron Roy

January 10, 2014


CalCoastNews’ Karen Velie has been bounced from the airwaves of KVEC/920 following station management’s receipt of a critical letter from San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson.

Velie, the news site’s publisher and co-founder, was informed of KVEC General Manager Ron Roy’s decision in an email from Hometown Radio talk show host Dave Congalton. Parkinson was angered by Velie’s reporting on a drug raid early in December, and elucidated his concerns in a two-page letter on sheriff’s department stationery.

After taking issue with a number of elements of the article, Parkinson wrote, “I would ask you to please investigate this matter and take all steps that you deem appropriate which I hope will include an apology to the law enforcement officers from the SLO Sheriff’s Office who were involved.”

KVEC manager Roy said he had been “concerned” for some time about controversies surrounding CalCoastNews. Several months ago, Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo served a letter on the El Dorado Broadcasting office in Los Angeles threatening legal action if the KVEC continued to have CalCoastNews reporters on the air.

“On a relatively regular basis there have been questions regarding her (Velie’s) reporting,” Roy said, “and I just got to the point where I am not willing to take a chance on letting something on our airwaves that will get us in trouble.”

Roy said “the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. My responsibility is protecting my license, and my people. I’ve got to make these decisions. I’ve talked to Dave (Congalton) before and I don’t want to deal with this any more. There’s been five years of this nonsense.”

The executive said he made his decision without considering the accuracy of the article questioned by Parkinson.

Congalton wrote on Jan 6, “It is with much regret that I inform you that El Dorado management is no longer comfortable having you appear as a guest on my KVEC radio show. This morning, our vice-president and general manager Ron Roy affirmed his decision to remove you from the broadcast, effective immediately.

“I can’t speak for management, but I know there was concern raised over a recent letter from Sheriff Parkinson disputing your reporting in the restaurant owner drug bust story and subsequent appearance on my show on December 17.

“I’m sorry to be the bearer of such bad news and I remain appreciative of all that you have done for my show, and all that you have done for the community. However, you will also understand that I can have no further comment on this issue.”

San Luis Obispo City Councilman John Ashbaugh and County Supervisor Adam Hill have openly discussed their “boycott” of Congalton’s show as long as Velie was allowed on the air. Ashbaugh has claimed in the past that Parkinson shared that sentiment.

KVEC’s Roy said his decision does not impact other CalCoastNews reporters.


I too have always welcomed hearing what Karen and CCN were reporting on. I’m trying to remember a time when what Karen and CNN were reporting was not on the mark. I hope someone takes this bull by the horn and proves the story reported by Karen regarding the SLO Sheriff’s Office drug bust was as she reported. Then maybe a few people can eat their words and taste their bitterness.


Ron Roy, grow a spine. We need the information that CalCoastNews provides. Why succumb to the bullying from local officials led by the supervisor twit, Adam Hill.


Could there be any clearer proof that Karen and CCN are doing a great job in getting out the truth about the corruption in this county? When people try to silence the press, they are afraid of what is being revealed.

If they thought CCN was really off base and silly, they would just laugh at Karen and the others and make jokes about them. But no. They are making every effort to silence them.

Parkinson, Hill and the others who are engaged in these outrageous attacks on the CCN’s First Amendment rights couldn’t think of anything that would make them look guiltier if they tried.


True; the fact that Parkinson had to use his considerable power (given to him by SLO County residents) to silence Karen Velie’s voice does make him look guilty AND DESPERATE.

However, the fact remains that Karen Velie’s voice on broadcast radio has been silenced. The reality of that is there is no broadcast voice locally which is willing–and has access–to speak truth to power.


Quien es Ed Dorado?


I like Ian… the late Rob Bryn and I were friends for over 20years… but this letter raises too many questions in my mind and I can’t help but wonder who really is behind the push to discredit CNN.

CNN has brought into focus many troubling issues in our community that — I believe — would have never seen the light of day.

Allow me to remember one issue in particular: Cal Poly’s ill fated attempt to do some questionable — some say illegal — business with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Allegations of passing on Cal Poly degrees to citizens of Saudi Arabia without the customary requirements required by an American student were made.

Not knowing if there is a connection or not, Cal poly received two anonymous donations of — I believe — $5,000,000 each around that time.

The public outcry and indignation eventually forced Cal Poly to back off their plans… and some say… lead to the early retirement of the then University President Warren Baker. Whether there was a domino effect or not is unknown… just a lot of things changed … including some interesting changes in management and among the University academic Deans.

Cal Poly is all to the better for this… and CNN lead the charge. I look forward to their leadership in the years ahead!

Roger Freberg


In 2012, Sheriff Ian’s personal friend Lisa Solomon Chitty lost her job–er, I mean “retired”–as Paso’s top cop. [Good riddance, by the way.] CCN’s thorough, unrelenting and factual reporting helped expose what was really going on at the Paso PD. The Trib, KSBY, New Times and others ALL ignored the story and sat on it as long as possible before finally covering the scandal. I’m sure Chitty and the Paso councilmen just wanted Karen Velie to shut up and go away because the truth was uncovered and they didn’t like it one bit.

Fast forward to 2014 and now Sheriff Ian’s trying to suppress CCN’s coverage of his department…hmmm…what’s he trying to hide? Why not WELCOME reporters into the Sheriff’s office? Show the public that our money is being used well. Assure us that the law enforcement officers are acting ethically. Don’t be a bully and send an intimidating letter to KVEC; that just makes us wonder if something’s wrong, a la CAPSLO…Chittygate…Kelly Gearhart…so many other messes…

Instead of KVEC’s management joining the other local media cowards, they could just air one their standard disclaimers before Karen chats w/Dave on the air. Why be intimidated by Sheriff Ian? Why banish one reporter from the airwaves just because you’re feeling uncomfortable or annoyed?

Very disappointing, KVEC. You USED to be an actual news station.


California Civil Code 52.3:

52.3. (a) No governmental authority, or agent of a governmental

authority, or person acting on behalf of a governmental authority,

shall engage in a pattern or practice of conduct by law enforcement

officers that deprives any person of rights, privileges, or

immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the

United States or by the Constitution or laws of California.

Chilling free speech and freedom of the press are surely enough to bring charges. Where’s the Grand Jury when we need them?



They took lessons from MSNBC and tell what they want when they want to. Just look at the issues occurring on this vile syndicated outlet (I refuse to call it a news outlet). The people hired at this station are the most disgusting of all networks (Sharpton, Bashir, Baldwin, Olbermann, Schultz, Harris-Perry, etc.). They have to dummie down their news! Let’s be honest, our society no longer wants its citizens informed or challenging and the majority of Americans don’t really care. Those of us that do care are called radical and worse. Common sense and respect no longer prevail!

I have written my letter to Ron Roy and copied to Dave. I am done with this station. Other then the local morning news and Dave’s show, I am not interested in this station’s programming which I can get on other stations (not owned by El Dorado – thanks’ for the list)if interested. This is the beginning of the future for Dave, he will be wheeled in and I will not support this behavior. I think his clock is ticking for El Dorado anyways. But Dave, I understand your situation because your show has been great for our community, your options few, and we all need to survive. Good luck and I hope you have a good retirement!



A reminder that there will be a statewide primary election June 3, 2014.

Including the office of SLO county Sheriff Coroner.

Does Truffles the Bear do endorsements or do we need to find that other bear? (and on CCN)


Ron Roy – concerned about lies??? Then STOP broadcasting all those radical right-wing lies and flaming hate-talk shows! Now there is a chance to stand by your principles…

I only listen to your station during Dave Congalton’s daily 4 hour show. The rest of your programming is unbearable. Notice to sponsors – I don’t shop at any businesses supporting the likes of Limbaugh’s, Beck’s, et al.


That’s almost exactly what I said in my email to:


Will nose, I suspect that the right-wing sponsors are delighted with your decision to use your food stamps elsewhere


Not true. Otherwise, the rightwing sponsors would not so eagerly court seniors and retired people.


“If you like your health care plan, you can keep it”. “If you like your doctor, you can keep him”. Maybe KVEC can replay the 27 speeches in which Obama lied to the American people. That will give you some idea of what a lie is.


Big deal…Obama is another politician that lies…they ALL lie; that’s what politicians do. Bush lied about why he was going to war in Iraq. So what…? Get a life dude..,


While it is true that most politicians lie routinely, and all lie occasionally, it is not good to accept that situation because it only encourages them to continue and expand their deceit when they are not called on it. Those of us who have not been suckered into believing the propagandists from one side or the other should still be holding the feet of both types of liars to the fire.


I’m a life-long Democrat and, after voting for him in 2008, I am a strong advocate against Obama. He is a liar and his promises are worth less than nothing.

However, Obama’s lies have nothing to do with Ian Parkinson’s lies, unless you are using the two together to support the belief that politicians, in general, play fast and loose with the truth.