Video released of truck damaging Atascadero veterans memorial

January 3, 2014

blocks_image_0_1Atascadero police have released surveillance video of a truck driving through and vandalizing the Faces of Freedom Veterans Memorial on New Year’s Day.

Shortly after 10 a.m. Wednesday, a witness reported that a red Chevrolet pickup truck was driving through the memorial in Atascadero, crashing into benches and lights. The truck then drove away, and police have yet to locate the vehicle or a suspect.

Investigators have determined from watching the surveillance footage that the truck was a 1988 to 1997 Chevrolet Crew Cab pickup with a complete black lumber rack and a toolbox in the bed.

The truck caused an estimated $15,000 of damage.

“I am appalled by the damage to our well-respected monument honoring the brave men and women who fought on behalf of our country,” Congresswoman Lois Capps said in a news release. “I share in the community disappointment over the damage but am also encouraged by the resilient spirit that is already apparent as we work together to repair the damage to this beloved monument.”

The Atascadero Veterans Memorial Foundation is accepting donations for repairs at P.O. Box 1466, Atascadero, CA 93423.

Atascadero police request that anyone with information that might aid the investigation contact Sgt. Jason Car at (805) 470-3228.


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I heard that KPRL in Paso said on the air about one o’clock that they caught the person. Does anyone know if this is true?

Forget it. I see that Ragbune has it on their site. He turned himself in.

Catch the PERP and give him to us VETS

““I am appalled by the damage to our well-respected monument honoring the brave men and women who fought on behalf of our country,” Congresswoman Lois Capps,” if this is so why does Ms. Capps vote to cut budgets for veterans????

Which votes were these?

So, a Truck driving idiot damages something and it’s the fault of a congresswoman? I’m certainly concerned that you left out Harry Reid, Obama and Bigfoot.

Congresswoman Capps has accomplished incredible decades-long “damage” to our society with her mindless lock-step liberal voting record. Us posters cannot possibly say enough bad things about her whether in jest, whether by association with the vet memorial damage, or whether being specific about her record.

Check out Mayor (King of Atascadero) O’Malley’s facebook page, it’s plastered with photos of Capps and O’Malley. You have to love politics, whatever it takes to get a vote.

He’s no conservative. He’s a mudhole politician.

Is Lois Capps contributing any $$ for the repair? If not she should eliminate the “we” from her vocabulary. A better response would be to pony up the $$ maybe even anonymously. I doubt she has ever even been there.

Really? What makes you “…doubt she has ever even been there”?

All politicians have enough baggage to justify legitimate criticism of them. Really, you don’t have to pull stuff out of your kiester to find justifiable criticism.